Well this week was crazy, and fast and slow and weird and good. First off, we were going to be solo in the house, but later in the evening they called and told us that we were getting other hermanas after all!! And I FREAKED when they told me who – HERMANA FAST and Hna Usma!!! Yay friends!! I love having her here, I just wish we could hang out more. Ha ha.

Its definitely a different experience “leading” the sector. Especially because the other hermanas don’t really know much around here either, so I’ve had to learn really quickly. But its been a really good experience from me and I’ve learned a TON from Hermana Silva. We have a lot of really solid people and are definitely trying to keep busy. It definitely helps when we have appointments and specific people to go see.
Oh, let me tell you about New Years. Ha ha ha. A menos activo family had invited us for dinner, so I was obviously super stoked. But they they called us around 6 an told us that all missionaries had to be in their house by 7. FOME. So I was a little bummed, but it was also good because we got to clean the house together and make it more our space. It looks SO different, we changed everything. Which is good I think. New year, new comp, new house, new everything. A chance to start fresh! Ha ha. Also, normally we go to sleep at 1130. But I kinda wanted to stay awake, in my bed, just to at least HEAR how Chileans celebrate the new year. I for sure stayed up til 1145, but then I must have fallen asleep, because I heard nothing. I was a little sad, not gonna lie. Its the first time I’ve slept through New Years in probably 20 years. But thats the mission I guess! So Happy 2014!! I still can’t believe it! A lot of missionaries my group have mentioned how this is the only full year we will have on the mission. That makes it seem so crazy.
As for some cool things this week: Carlos came to church again and that just makes me so happy! We actually did really well with investigators in sacrament mtg, we had FOUR. Him, Carmen & Angelina (the mom and sister of Marcos, recent convert) – which was HUGE, and also a new investigator Jily. Also pretty cool, Javier came and brought a friend! He left after the meeting, so I didn’t get a chance to ask who he was, but man, he is just always willing to share the gospel. Cool, right?
This week we did so much that it felt really long, but at the same time went so fast. This transfer marks nearly 6 months, or a third of the way of my mission! I still have SO much to learn, I better get on it!!
Anways, sorry I don’t have much else to say. Hope you are all enjoying the snow, I could use a bit of it here. It is HOT HOT HOT. Luckily we get breezes here and there. But it is also REALLY good motivation to be persistant in getting into peoples houses. Ha ha.