Safety Circles

Matt 7/25: These are our safety circles!! If we stand inside of them they can protect us from earthquakes hmmmmmmmmmm. I’m not so sure haha. lolouuulo

Matt 8/8: Oh and another bit of news there was a nearby earthquake yesterday and we all had to leave our classrooms and get in the safety circles because we heard the sirens going off but apparently it was far enough away that we couldn’t even feel anything but it wasn’t a drill so it was pretty cool ha.

Kellie 8/8: Oh, wanna hear the craziest part of this week? We were sitting in our room, waiting for class to start when an alarm goes off. We didn’t take it very serious. In fact, our elders ran to the windows and started yelling at the people outside, like, ”’take cover!”, just kind of teasing. Then we learned we actually needed to leave and go to these gathering spots they have painted all over. They told us it was an earthquake warning!! We just stood there and waited and…..nothing. Everyone was disappointed you couldn’t really feel it. I was ok with it,


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