Travel plans

Matt: So we got our flight plans on friday night!! I don’t have it with me right now so our district is going to go get it and then come back and send the information to our families. Kellie will be doing the same thing. Kellie’s district and mine will be flying down to Santiago together!! So that’s pretty awesome!! But ya I will be getting more information to you here in a sec.

I know we are being watched over and are so blessed. My goal is to start being better at recognizing all the blessing that I have had in my life and will have!

Kellie: Guess what?!?! I have my flight plans! Yay!!! And the coolest thing: Matt and I and both our districts (those going to Chile) are all on the same flight to Santiago!!!! Woooooo.

Our flight is Monday night at 9:25 pm. We should land around 6:30 am, if I remember right. We are pretty stoked, cause we should hopefully be able to sleep pretty much the whole flight. But then Matt will have another flight. But yeah. So we will probably leave the CCM around 5:30 we are thinking. Haven’t heard for sure. And we will probably call from the airport that night, so maybe between 6 and 9 Utah time.

Anyways, just wanted to let you know. I’M GOING TO CHILE Y’ALL!!!

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