Guess who’s lived in Chile for a month

paine-hike-2-kellie…this kid! And Matt too, so yeah. So crazy, but I finally feel a little more adjusted to mission life. And life in spanish. Ha ha ha.

This week:

Wed – We had lunch with Ana and her daughter looked up Amy on FB, we all got to look at pics. It was fun, but really weird, I haven’t been on FB for SO LONG. I just wanted to look at mine, see what everyone is up to! Also, we taught seminary. Ha ha ha. Here, that consisted of 3 YW. And you know that Hna Ruiz taught 90% of the lesson. But it was fun.

Fri – THE BEST DAY OF MY MISSION SO FAR. Not because we had conferences or an activity or party or anything like that. Just because all of our plans pretty much were able to go through! It was so exciting to be busy, talk with a bunch of my favorite people. Also, that morning in personal study I read a talk in the Liahona by Brad Wilcox about the Atonement, which really changed my perspective. Another fun thing: We were walking when from behind us in a car driving away, this girl yells, “Hola Misioneras!”. It was honestly the first time I felt recognized as a missionary. So cool. 🙂 Last part of the best day ever: Hna Ruiz read to me in english. I think I told you she speaks pretty well, but her reading made me laugh so hard. It was this story with dialogue between God and a girl, so she used different voices for each. And sometimes she would mess up a word and say, “Rewind…….and action.” She’s pretty hardcore.

Sat – We ate lunch with my “compañera for life” as she says, Hna Rebeca. She is a member here and she is my FAVORITE. And the truth is, I’m her favorite too. 🙂 She was my comp for tres pies (3 legged race) and ever since, we have been super tight. She lives out in the country, the most beautiful part of Chile, for sure. And she likes to speak a little english, mostly saying, “I love you so much”. She’s the best. Plus she fed us empanadas and cake, so…cachai? (You get?)

Sun – Craziest day ever. The primary program! Ha ha ha. It was so different in some ways, but really, exactly the same as home. And since I played the hymns for sacrament meeting, I was up on the stand for the whole thing. (Which reminds me of something else really funny: I had my hair up in a half pony with braids, and up on the stand with the primary kids, Elder Condor said that I looked like the elf from LOTR, with all the hobbits!) They all had matching ties and headbands, cutest thing ever. And I was super impressed, they almost all had their parts memorized, gave really good talks, etc. And I could actually understand most all of it! 🙂 Another interesting thing about sacrament was that there were 2 farewells and 1 homecoming. But they dont throw a huge party like we do, just a testimony. 🙂 But one is named Alberto, he is 24 and going to Venezuela! He is the branch mission leader and has helped us a ton with the mission work here, so we are definitely going to miss him.

Just a random thing to say: The kids freaking love me here. They do call me gigante or alto to their parents, but they also love to talk to me. To one girl it was super obvious that I was a gringo, so she tried teaching me spanish my clapping the syllables and teaching me words like “silla”. Cutest.

Anyways, the work goes on. This is the last week of the transfer (which means I’m half way done training…eek!) so it will be interesting to have changes. I guess that’s one thing I’m gonna have to get used to. 🙂

Love you all and miss you! Be happy!!

Hermana Cluff

So, the days and weeks are starting to go faster. A couple of times I’ve forgotten to mark my little calender I have!

And something SO exciting…. I met someone that Amy taught!! For realsies! Her name is Ana Caroca, We are meeting with her because she is less active. Somehow she starting talking about these sisters that taught her, didn’t speak much, and mentioned Hna Cluff. It took me a second for it to register, and then we figured out, “rubia, baja, lentes?” ha ha. Yes! It was a really fun moment. And I got to tell her she was married, had a baby, etc. So yeah, it happened. 🙂
amy-and-anaKellie’s cousin Amy (left) with Ana, her daughter Scarlet and Amy’s companion.

Also, this week was really fun because of the 18th. The day before we went to an hnas house to help her chop a TON of onions for the empanadas (that we ate the next day). It was HILARIOUS because you all know that I cry about EVERYTHING. But for some reason, onions doesn’t really do it. And all the natives were crying hardcore, while me and Elder Angel from California didnt have a problem. Elder Condor from Peru was especially affected, and he said, “Gringos don’t have hearts!” Ha ha. But yeah, those empanadas were delish. I had 3 total that day. And 1 more the next. The rest of the day wasn’t too crazy for us. It was actually pretty good for lessons, which was surprising. Contacting…not so much. Cause everyone was home, but with their families, BBQing it up big time. However, there was a carnival type thing right behind our neighborhood, so I heard the Chileans partying it up all night. Spanish rap…

This week was also super good for some of our investigators. Celia and Javier are from Bolivia. He was baptized years ago, not active, and she is investigating the church. We have been teaching them the whole time I’ve been here and I have seen a complete turnaround! They are keeping commitments, came to church for the 3rd week in a row, and always have crazy awesome questions from their reading in the LdM (for example, why Laban had the plates, and which son of Joseph Lehi descended from). Which I can’t really answer, but luckily Hna R is genius. This week they made us Bolivian empanada type things, I think they called them saltañas… They were the best. I loved them, don’t know why.

Another cool experience I had was with 2 brothers. We shared the lesson of the Restoration. Hna R always lets me say the First Vision, because its one thing I can actually do. I’ve done it a few times and it is always a strong moment, but for some reason in this lesson, it was especially powerful. My heart was pounding like crazy. It was really special. 🙂


And today for P day, we went on a “hike”. I mean that a little sarcastically because basically it was a bunch of walking TO the mountain, then hiking the equivalent of the switchbacks of Adams canyon. Possible less. It was way steep, but I was fine. Other hnas were having a harder time though, and we were all kinda tired just from the walking. But the view was awesome, it overlooked a vineyard. And afterwards, we ate in a restaurant and had pollo asado, ensalada, papas mayos (kinda like potato salad), and arroz leche (like rice pudding). Mmmmmmm.

Good week, I’m able to participate a little more in lessons, getting to know people, etc. My Spanish is still HORRIBLE, but everyone has been really nice about it.

Oh, and Happy Birthday to Grandma and Joe!!!! Woohoo!! I definitely thought about you guys! 🙂

Love you all and miss you! Be good!

Love, Hermana Clawson

CTR Satellite Antenna

Yeah, the Chileans definitely know how to have a fiesta! ha ha. We talked to several people that stayed up til 3, 4, 5 in the morning. They are my type of people though, sleep in late and stay up late!

I don’t have much more time, but I HAD to take and send you (Dad) a pic of a satellite I saw…. CTR!!! Ha ha ha.


Kellie – Q & A

Do you have many investigators? Do you mostly get referrals from members, tracking, or ???

  • We have about 4 progressing investigators right now, 2 before I got here, 2 are a couple we found contacting/tracting.  We don’t get many referrals, I wish we did. 😦 Less actives are my favorites, for sure.   And I’ll admit, its easier, because they already know about the gospel.

Do they ask you to help quite a bit at church, or do they have enough solid members to teach classes, give talks, etc…?

  • My branch is FANTASTIC.  They are small, but strong.  Every person does a lot.  They do our laundry and feed us lunch, plus their own church responsibilities.  Something I really love is that they are always at the church for something, activities, meetings, classes, etc.

What is your chapel like? Is it built and owned by the Church? Or renting something that was already built?  Is that where you go to email?

  • Definitely the nicest building in Paine.  There are fans in the chapel!! ha ha ha.  And it is all tile, with no pews, but chairs.  It is owned by the church, I believe, not sure.  We don’t have internet in the chapel, we have to use internet cafes. 🙂

Have you eaten empanadas yet?

  • I have eaten empanadas twice so far and will probably alot this week because of the holiday. Yay! They are delish! I would love to get recipes of a bunch of things I like, but might have to wait until I can speak better.

60 days


Woooooo! Guys, I can’t believe I  haven’t seen you for 60 whole days (minus Matt), that is crazy. I miss you all so much, but your emails and the pics I have make it so good.

Like I promised, the recap from last week of things I forgot:

Tuesday…I TAUGHT AN ENGLISH CLASS. Usually Elder Angel teaches (hes been here 1 transfer longer than me), but they had to go to Santiago, so it was left to me. Ha ha. And even funnier, I taught again this  week. This time went MUCH better because I actually had a plan. Both times it was only Vicente, a member, but he is my favorite because he speaks TOTAL chilean. Si po. And it is really crazy trying to speak spanish but teach english. It totally helps me more than him, but we had fun. 🙂 Wed we taught a lesson in a store…which was someone’s living room. It is SUPER normal here for people to have stores in their homes, which means they are everywhere. I can buy food/snacks in every neighborhood! Def makes me think of Jomybro, I can  totally imagine him holding a candy store in his house. Ha ha. Another interesting thing was a companion exchange! They also keep my on my toes here! I got to go to Buin with Hna Garcia, who is Chilena. It was fun and a way good experience, especially seeing how other missionaries work. And that night there was a fútbol game on, the neighbors were cheering super loud, “¡Chi chi chi, le le le, VIVA CHILE!”

paine-companerasNow for this week: Wednesday we had a district meeting and Pres & Hna Warne came. I never expected to see them so much, but they are the best. Thurs was Hna Ruiz’s birthday in the mission! She is one year old!! Crazy! paine-sunset I am so glad to have her and all her experience, I need it! And of course, we had to have cake and ice cream! (see pics)Also in the pics is the most amazing sunset I’ve ever seen. The entire sky was PINK!! And reflecting off the mountains, it was beautiful!

Saturday was super special because we had an activity with the branch. I got a REAL taste of Chile, thats for sure. This week is the 18th of Sep, or Fiestas Patrias, which is from what I can tell the biggest holiday. Imagine the 4th of July Redneck style. Super huge, flags EVERYWHERE. Especially on the houses and taxis. But for the activity we had games (tug of war, relay races, tres pies), cultural dances, and of course…FOOD. Meat, epanadas, salads, soda, etc. It is so much different than our ward parties. First off, it lasted like, 5 hours. And they cook everything there, eat on nice china, family style. But it was super fun. And I LOVE the branch, the members are amazing. [singlepic id=75 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Sunday, as always, is my favorite. We had 2 investigators come with us and one less active member. The less active is Amanda, and she is so wonderful. We’ve visited her a couple times and she really just needs a friend in the church, so we were STOKED that she came sunday. YAY!!!

Overall, it was a great week. Hna Ruiz pushed me to talk more, so I’m participating more in lessons, which is good.

Sorry that it is so scatterrbrained, but my brain is full of spanish! No joke, if I dont write it down IMMEDIATELY, it is gone! And this week should be crazy too, with all the festivities.

LOVE YOU ALL and miss you! 🙂

Kellie – Zone Conference

(from Tumblr, not taken by Kellie)

Another week! Ay! First off though, I am sorry, I had written out a bit of what I wanted to say about this week, and left it in the casa. Oops. So next week I will write extra long with all the cool stuff that I forgot. Anyways…this week. One super cool thing was that we had a Zone Conference. I got to see lots of friends from the CCM, it was so happy!! And guess what…..Elder Archuleta was there! Ha ha ha ha ha. Yep, he’s in my zone. I didnt talk to him, but I totes saw him, so yeah. 🙂 The speaker at the conference was Elder Viñas, from the 70, I think. I didnt understand a ton, but everything was really good! Plus we got lots of food, which is always nice. 🙂

And since I honestly cant remember off the top of my head anything else from this week, let me tell you about yesterday. It was the CRAZIEST day ever. First, you need to know that here in Chile, everybody hugs, kisses on the cheek as a greeting. So we were meeting with this couple that had met with the missionaries before (one of them was from Utah and she asked me if I knew her. Ha ha. Nope. She was there in ’94!). But then their older son comes up (probably 30s) and shakes everybodys hands, comes to me and totally does the hug/cheek thing…Ahhh!!! RULE BREAKER!! It happened so fast I didnt know what to do! So embarrassing.

Then, later, we were walking down a street and starting talking to a nice gentleman. These other two walk up, and one starts yelling at the other. They stop right in front of us and start arguing. One is obviously intoxicated (and I haven’t seen that many drunk people before) and I’m guessing he was saying some not-so-nice things. The second is yelling at him to walk away, so he does a bit, but still yelling. Then, out of no where he runs back and slaps him RIGHT ACROSS THE FACE. Right in front of us. I was a bit scared right there, not gonna lie. Then he kinda staggered off, still yelling/mumbling something. Loco.

But I’ve had some really nice experiences too, to counteract all the craziness. I think my favorite thing is meeting and talking with less active members. They have all been so kind, never negative towards the church. Most of the time has just been a difficulty or trial, or they dont feel like their faith is strong. And we’ve gotten to sing hymns, talk with them, etc.

I’m not gonna lie, the language is still really hard. I’m really good at faking like I understand. Which is good….until people think that I actually understand what they are saying. And then I have to turn to Hna Ruiz, have her explain, etc. The past two days I think have been the most frustrating here, just because there were so many times where I wanted to say something, but didn’t know how, or was in a weird situation and it made me look like a complete idiot. But, I know it’ll come.

Last thing, I had my first Chilean completo today! The Hnas in our district had a party for 2 hnas for their birthdays, so we had completos (I didnt have tomatos though), chips, juice, cake…Yay! And I’ve still loved everything I’ve eaten! Crazy! A lot of beans, rice, meat, lentils, etc. But SO good. And like I told Tanner, the bread is amazing. Mmmm.

Again, sorry that I forgot all the good stuff. I really did have a lot of good experiences. I can’t believe I’ve already been here 2 weeks! But I miss you all like crazy and hope you are all doing well!!


The Mission Home – Kellie

pres-and-sister-warne-w-kellie_0President and Sister Warne

It’s true, I’m living in South America!!! The flight here was LOOOOOONG, but went well. I was so super emotional, even though I didn’t even have to say goodbye yet. I must have gotten it all out, cause I’ve been fine here so far. Anyways, we got to Santiago, went through customs, etc, and were met by the APs. Then I had to do the 3rd hardest thing of my life and say goodbye to my bro for 2 years. Everyone was sad for me, which made me more sad. I looked MISERABLE, but really it was just emotion, not really good or bad. But it HAS helped so much to have that flight with him, the CCM, and now that he is here in Chile too. Speaking of…

When we arrived here, it was really chilly. Ha. No, but seriously. It is still winter here. Nothing compared to Utah winters, but Matt must be COLD. It has been hard going from heavenly perfect Mexico to here. I sleep with my thermals + pjs, 2 blankets, and an electric blanket at night. Cause there isnt any heating in the homes. Ha ha ha. But it is starting to warm up I think.

hermana-ruiz-and-kellie-paine_0Kellie and Hermana Ruiz

Oh, another thing…I kinda lied to you in my first email. I’m in the Buin zone, but our sector is actually in Paine. (Not pain, pie-nay) Like I said, my trainer is Hna Ruiz, from Panama. She is excellent and I love her! I was really nervous to live in a house with latinas and have a native speaking companion, but it has been SO good for me. She is such a good example, and can understand my spanish/ english most of the time. And she is really awesome at explaining things to me. I have gotten to know some of the members here and they are AMAZING! It is a small branch, but they are super strong. Plus all the investigators and less actives here have been so nice.

It was definitely crazy, the first night, going out and trying to teach. We actually did a lot of tracting, but it is not as bad as I thought. Its actually ok. Probably cause Hna Ruiz does all the talking. I say, “Hallo” and can hand them the card. Oh, and “Chao”. They dont say adios here. Who knew. But so far the lessons have gone well, even though I tend to zone out when they start speaking spanish to eachother. I definitely need to improve on that. But I’m trying, I’m doing way better than I expected, and I’ve had a lot of fun, which still seems so crazy to me. And I had the chance to talk to Elder Horsley today (he was in my CCM district) and we spoke english, talked about the culture, etc. It was nice to talk to someone I knew, in the beautiful english language. Ha ha.

Oh, another random thing, the schedule is different here than most missions. Because people dont really wake up early, we get up a half hour later (and an hour later in the summer) and stay out later. But really, it feels normal. Just a cool factoid for ya.

I love Chile and am having a crazy good time. The church is true! I have felt more than ever the love Heavenly Father has for his children and how he wants to help us all SO much.

I love you all so much!!!