The Mission Home – Kellie

pres-and-sister-warne-w-kellie_0President and Sister Warne

It’s true, I’m living in South America!!! The flight here was LOOOOOONG, but went well. I was so super emotional, even though I didn’t even have to say goodbye yet. I must have gotten it all out, cause I’ve been fine here so far. Anyways, we got to Santiago, went through customs, etc, and were met by the APs. Then I had to do the 3rd hardest thing of my life and say goodbye to my bro for 2 years. Everyone was sad for me, which made me more sad. I looked MISERABLE, but really it was just emotion, not really good or bad. But it HAS helped so much to have that flight with him, the CCM, and now that he is here in Chile too. Speaking of…

When we arrived here, it was really chilly. Ha. No, but seriously. It is still winter here. Nothing compared to Utah winters, but Matt must be COLD. It has been hard going from heavenly perfect Mexico to here. I sleep with my thermals + pjs, 2 blankets, and an electric blanket at night. Cause there isnt any heating in the homes. Ha ha ha. But it is starting to warm up I think.

hermana-ruiz-and-kellie-paine_0Kellie and Hermana Ruiz

Oh, another thing…I kinda lied to you in my first email. I’m in the Buin zone, but our sector is actually in Paine. (Not pain, pie-nay) Like I said, my trainer is Hna Ruiz, from Panama. She is excellent and I love her! I was really nervous to live in a house with latinas and have a native speaking companion, but it has been SO good for me. She is such a good example, and can understand my spanish/ english most of the time. And she is really awesome at explaining things to me. I have gotten to know some of the members here and they are AMAZING! It is a small branch, but they are super strong. Plus all the investigators and less actives here have been so nice.

It was definitely crazy, the first night, going out and trying to teach. We actually did a lot of tracting, but it is not as bad as I thought. Its actually ok. Probably cause Hna Ruiz does all the talking. I say, “Hallo” and can hand them the card. Oh, and “Chao”. They dont say adios here. Who knew. But so far the lessons have gone well, even though I tend to zone out when they start speaking spanish to eachother. I definitely need to improve on that. But I’m trying, I’m doing way better than I expected, and I’ve had a lot of fun, which still seems so crazy to me. And I had the chance to talk to Elder Horsley today (he was in my CCM district) and we spoke english, talked about the culture, etc. It was nice to talk to someone I knew, in the beautiful english language. Ha ha.

Oh, another random thing, the schedule is different here than most missions. Because people dont really wake up early, we get up a half hour later (and an hour later in the summer) and stay out later. But really, it feels normal. Just a cool factoid for ya.

I love Chile and am having a crazy good time. The church is true! I have felt more than ever the love Heavenly Father has for his children and how he wants to help us all SO much.

I love you all so much!!!


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