Kellie – Zone Conference

(from Tumblr, not taken by Kellie)

Another week! Ay! First off though, I am sorry, I had written out a bit of what I wanted to say about this week, and left it in the casa. Oops. So next week I will write extra long with all the cool stuff that I forgot. Anyways…this week. One super cool thing was that we had a Zone Conference. I got to see lots of friends from the CCM, it was so happy!! And guess what…..Elder Archuleta was there! Ha ha ha ha ha. Yep, he’s in my zone. I didnt talk to him, but I totes saw him, so yeah. 🙂 The speaker at the conference was Elder Viñas, from the 70, I think. I didnt understand a ton, but everything was really good! Plus we got lots of food, which is always nice. 🙂

And since I honestly cant remember off the top of my head anything else from this week, let me tell you about yesterday. It was the CRAZIEST day ever. First, you need to know that here in Chile, everybody hugs, kisses on the cheek as a greeting. So we were meeting with this couple that had met with the missionaries before (one of them was from Utah and she asked me if I knew her. Ha ha. Nope. She was there in ’94!). But then their older son comes up (probably 30s) and shakes everybodys hands, comes to me and totally does the hug/cheek thing…Ahhh!!! RULE BREAKER!! It happened so fast I didnt know what to do! So embarrassing.

Then, later, we were walking down a street and starting talking to a nice gentleman. These other two walk up, and one starts yelling at the other. They stop right in front of us and start arguing. One is obviously intoxicated (and I haven’t seen that many drunk people before) and I’m guessing he was saying some not-so-nice things. The second is yelling at him to walk away, so he does a bit, but still yelling. Then, out of no where he runs back and slaps him RIGHT ACROSS THE FACE. Right in front of us. I was a bit scared right there, not gonna lie. Then he kinda staggered off, still yelling/mumbling something. Loco.

But I’ve had some really nice experiences too, to counteract all the craziness. I think my favorite thing is meeting and talking with less active members. They have all been so kind, never negative towards the church. Most of the time has just been a difficulty or trial, or they dont feel like their faith is strong. And we’ve gotten to sing hymns, talk with them, etc.

I’m not gonna lie, the language is still really hard. I’m really good at faking like I understand. Which is good….until people think that I actually understand what they are saying. And then I have to turn to Hna Ruiz, have her explain, etc. The past two days I think have been the most frustrating here, just because there were so many times where I wanted to say something, but didn’t know how, or was in a weird situation and it made me look like a complete idiot. But, I know it’ll come.

Last thing, I had my first Chilean completo today! The Hnas in our district had a party for 2 hnas for their birthdays, so we had completos (I didnt have tomatos though), chips, juice, cake…Yay! And I’ve still loved everything I’ve eaten! Crazy! A lot of beans, rice, meat, lentils, etc. But SO good. And like I told Tanner, the bread is amazing. Mmmm.

Again, sorry that I forgot all the good stuff. I really did have a lot of good experiences. I can’t believe I’ve already been here 2 weeks! But I miss you all like crazy and hope you are all doing well!!



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