60 days


Woooooo! Guys, I can’t believe I  haven’t seen you for 60 whole days (minus Matt), that is crazy. I miss you all so much, but your emails and the pics I have make it so good.

Like I promised, the recap from last week of things I forgot:

Tuesday…I TAUGHT AN ENGLISH CLASS. Usually Elder Angel teaches (hes been here 1 transfer longer than me), but they had to go to Santiago, so it was left to me. Ha ha. And even funnier, I taught again this  week. This time went MUCH better because I actually had a plan. Both times it was only Vicente, a member, but he is my favorite because he speaks TOTAL chilean. Si po. And it is really crazy trying to speak spanish but teach english. It totally helps me more than him, but we had fun. 🙂 Wed we taught a lesson in a store…which was someone’s living room. It is SUPER normal here for people to have stores in their homes, which means they are everywhere. I can buy food/snacks in every neighborhood! Def makes me think of Jomybro, I can  totally imagine him holding a candy store in his house. Ha ha. Another interesting thing was a companion exchange! They also keep my on my toes here! I got to go to Buin with Hna Garcia, who is Chilena. It was fun and a way good experience, especially seeing how other missionaries work. And that night there was a fútbol game on, the neighbors were cheering super loud, “¡Chi chi chi, le le le, VIVA CHILE!”

paine-companerasNow for this week: Wednesday we had a district meeting and Pres & Hna Warne came. I never expected to see them so much, but they are the best. Thurs was Hna Ruiz’s birthday in the mission! She is one year old!! Crazy! paine-sunset I am so glad to have her and all her experience, I need it! And of course, we had to have cake and ice cream! (see pics)Also in the pics is the most amazing sunset I’ve ever seen. The entire sky was PINK!! And reflecting off the mountains, it was beautiful!

Saturday was super special because we had an activity with the branch. I got a REAL taste of Chile, thats for sure. This week is the 18th of Sep, or Fiestas Patrias, which is from what I can tell the biggest holiday. Imagine the 4th of July Redneck style. Super huge, flags EVERYWHERE. Especially on the houses and taxis. But for the activity we had games (tug of war, relay races, tres pies), cultural dances, and of course…FOOD. Meat, epanadas, salads, soda, etc. It is so much different than our ward parties. First off, it lasted like, 5 hours. And they cook everything there, eat on nice china, family style. But it was super fun. And I LOVE the branch, the members are amazing. [singlepic id=75 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Sunday, as always, is my favorite. We had 2 investigators come with us and one less active member. The less active is Amanda, and she is so wonderful. We’ve visited her a couple times and she really just needs a friend in the church, so we were STOKED that she came sunday. YAY!!!

Overall, it was a great week. Hna Ruiz pushed me to talk more, so I’m participating more in lessons, which is good.

Sorry that it is so scatterrbrained, but my brain is full of spanish! No joke, if I dont write it down IMMEDIATELY, it is gone! And this week should be crazy too, with all the festivities.

LOVE YOU ALL and miss you! 🙂


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