Kellie – Q & A

Do you have many investigators? Do you mostly get referrals from members, tracking, or ???

  • We have about 4 progressing investigators right now, 2 before I got here, 2 are a couple we found contacting/tracting.  We don’t get many referrals, I wish we did. 😦 Less actives are my favorites, for sure.   And I’ll admit, its easier, because they already know about the gospel.

Do they ask you to help quite a bit at church, or do they have enough solid members to teach classes, give talks, etc…?

  • My branch is FANTASTIC.  They are small, but strong.  Every person does a lot.  They do our laundry and feed us lunch, plus their own church responsibilities.  Something I really love is that they are always at the church for something, activities, meetings, classes, etc.

What is your chapel like? Is it built and owned by the Church? Or renting something that was already built?  Is that where you go to email?

  • Definitely the nicest building in Paine.  There are fans in the chapel!! ha ha ha.  And it is all tile, with no pews, but chairs.  It is owned by the church, I believe, not sure.  We don’t have internet in the chapel, we have to use internet cafes. 🙂

Have you eaten empanadas yet?

  • I have eaten empanadas twice so far and will probably alot this week because of the holiday. Yay! They are delish! I would love to get recipes of a bunch of things I like, but might have to wait until I can speak better.

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