Hermana Cluff

So, the days and weeks are starting to go faster. A couple of times I’ve forgotten to mark my little calender I have!

And something SO exciting…. I met someone that Amy taught!! For realsies! Her name is Ana Caroca, We are meeting with her because she is less active. Somehow she starting talking about these sisters that taught her, didn’t speak much, and mentioned Hna Cluff. It took me a second for it to register, and then we figured out, “rubia, baja, lentes?” ha ha. Yes! It was a really fun moment. And I got to tell her she was married, had a baby, etc. So yeah, it happened. 🙂
amy-and-anaKellie’s cousin Amy (left) with Ana, her daughter Scarlet and Amy’s companion.

Also, this week was really fun because of the 18th. The day before we went to an hnas house to help her chop a TON of onions for the empanadas (that we ate the next day). It was HILARIOUS because you all know that I cry about EVERYTHING. But for some reason, onions doesn’t really do it. And all the natives were crying hardcore, while me and Elder Angel from California didnt have a problem. Elder Condor from Peru was especially affected, and he said, “Gringos don’t have hearts!” Ha ha. But yeah, those empanadas were delish. I had 3 total that day. And 1 more the next. The rest of the day wasn’t too crazy for us. It was actually pretty good for lessons, which was surprising. Contacting…not so much. Cause everyone was home, but with their families, BBQing it up big time. However, there was a carnival type thing right behind our neighborhood, so I heard the Chileans partying it up all night. Spanish rap…

This week was also super good for some of our investigators. Celia and Javier are from Bolivia. He was baptized years ago, not active, and she is investigating the church. We have been teaching them the whole time I’ve been here and I have seen a complete turnaround! They are keeping commitments, came to church for the 3rd week in a row, and always have crazy awesome questions from their reading in the LdM (for example, why Laban had the plates, and which son of Joseph Lehi descended from). Which I can’t really answer, but luckily Hna R is genius. This week they made us Bolivian empanada type things, I think they called them saltañas… They were the best. I loved them, don’t know why.

Another cool experience I had was with 2 brothers. We shared the lesson of the Restoration. Hna R always lets me say the First Vision, because its one thing I can actually do. I’ve done it a few times and it is always a strong moment, but for some reason in this lesson, it was especially powerful. My heart was pounding like crazy. It was really special. 🙂


And today for P day, we went on a “hike”. I mean that a little sarcastically because basically it was a bunch of walking TO the mountain, then hiking the equivalent of the switchbacks of Adams canyon. Possible less. It was way steep, but I was fine. Other hnas were having a harder time though, and we were all kinda tired just from the walking. But the view was awesome, it overlooked a vineyard. And afterwards, we ate in a restaurant and had pollo asado, ensalada, papas mayos (kinda like potato salad), and arroz leche (like rice pudding). Mmmmmmm.

Good week, I’m able to participate a little more in lessons, getting to know people, etc. My Spanish is still HORRIBLE, but everyone has been really nice about it.

Oh, and Happy Birthday to Grandma and Joe!!!! Woohoo!! I definitely thought about you guys! 🙂

Love you all and miss you! Be good!

Love, Hermana Clawson


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