Guess who’s lived in Chile for a month

paine-hike-2-kellie…this kid! And Matt too, so yeah. So crazy, but I finally feel a little more adjusted to mission life. And life in spanish. Ha ha ha.

This week:

Wed – We had lunch with Ana and her daughter looked up Amy on FB, we all got to look at pics. It was fun, but really weird, I haven’t been on FB for SO LONG. I just wanted to look at mine, see what everyone is up to! Also, we taught seminary. Ha ha ha. Here, that consisted of 3 YW. And you know that Hna Ruiz taught 90% of the lesson. But it was fun.

Fri – THE BEST DAY OF MY MISSION SO FAR. Not because we had conferences or an activity or party or anything like that. Just because all of our plans pretty much were able to go through! It was so exciting to be busy, talk with a bunch of my favorite people. Also, that morning in personal study I read a talk in the Liahona by Brad Wilcox about the Atonement, which really changed my perspective. Another fun thing: We were walking when from behind us in a car driving away, this girl yells, “Hola Misioneras!”. It was honestly the first time I felt recognized as a missionary. So cool. 🙂 Last part of the best day ever: Hna Ruiz read to me in english. I think I told you she speaks pretty well, but her reading made me laugh so hard. It was this story with dialogue between God and a girl, so she used different voices for each. And sometimes she would mess up a word and say, “Rewind…….and action.” She’s pretty hardcore.

Sat – We ate lunch with my “compañera for life” as she says, Hna Rebeca. She is a member here and she is my FAVORITE. And the truth is, I’m her favorite too. 🙂 She was my comp for tres pies (3 legged race) and ever since, we have been super tight. She lives out in the country, the most beautiful part of Chile, for sure. And she likes to speak a little english, mostly saying, “I love you so much”. She’s the best. Plus she fed us empanadas and cake, so…cachai? (You get?)

Sun – Craziest day ever. The primary program! Ha ha ha. It was so different in some ways, but really, exactly the same as home. And since I played the hymns for sacrament meeting, I was up on the stand for the whole thing. (Which reminds me of something else really funny: I had my hair up in a half pony with braids, and up on the stand with the primary kids, Elder Condor said that I looked like the elf from LOTR, with all the hobbits!) They all had matching ties and headbands, cutest thing ever. And I was super impressed, they almost all had their parts memorized, gave really good talks, etc. And I could actually understand most all of it! 🙂 Another interesting thing about sacrament was that there were 2 farewells and 1 homecoming. But they dont throw a huge party like we do, just a testimony. 🙂 But one is named Alberto, he is 24 and going to Venezuela! He is the branch mission leader and has helped us a ton with the mission work here, so we are definitely going to miss him.

Just a random thing to say: The kids freaking love me here. They do call me gigante or alto to their parents, but they also love to talk to me. To one girl it was super obvious that I was a gringo, so she tried teaching me spanish my clapping the syllables and teaching me words like “silla”. Cutest.

Anyways, the work goes on. This is the last week of the transfer (which means I’m half way done training…eek!) so it will be interesting to have changes. I guess that’s one thing I’m gonna have to get used to. 🙂

Love you all and miss you! Be happy!!


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