Kellie – Another week in Paine

In conference I don’t know if you saw, but Elder Valenzuela spoke! (see Small and Simple Things) He came to the CCM (MTC) and had the pictures! Me and Elder Horsely had a little cheer sesh. 🙂 And Elder Viñas gave a closing prayer – He’s the one that spoke to us at our zone conference here. I feel like I have all these connections now! Also, they told us at our new missionary conference that our group would be the last “big” group of missionaries to come, we are just about maxed out!

Random other news: I had to buy a new bag. Ha ha. I honestly think I wore it out in the CCM with all my materials, but this one is SO much better. I’m embarrassed about how excited I am about a bag, but its amazing. And only 5 mil, or about 10 bucks! I also had to buy some halloween candy this week – gummies! Could NOT resist.

As for the work: Its definitely a new transfer. I’m still here and everyone in the house too, But the work was crazy awesome! And I feel like something clicked with the Spanish a bit, I can understand a lot more and am replying to questions / teaching more. Woohoo!

Tuesday I got to contact every door. Hna Ruiz helped me with the talking, but I did every single “hallo”. I was pretty tired of it by the end of the day. But it lead to teaching someone named Jessica, who asked us “Which church is Christ’s church”. I wanted to yell, “IT’S THIS ONE!!!”. Ha ha. We also got to go back and teach her husband and daughter, so its really good.

Wed we found some menos activos (less active) way out towards the mountains / country land. We found 2 named Roberto and Nicole. He told us that he had been praying to know what to do in his life and that it’s crazy how the Lord answers our prayers sometimes. Also, that God always sends him lifesavers right when he needs it. 🙂 They are really great.

Fri we had an interesting experience with Katherine, 1 investigator that has had some problems with coming to church. She told us that she just wants for her whole family to go to church together, but her husband is catholic. I couldnt help but think, Thats what our Heavenly Father wants! For ALL his family to be together!

Sat we had an awesome day too. We spent some time with Hna Rosario from the ward who has been a member for about 3 years. She helps us a ton with lessons. I got to goof off a bit, talking with her kids (twins, about 7), teaching them english, and me Spanish. And her other son, older, played and sang a song on the guitar, in English! He was way good! Then we had the lesson at their house with Angelica. She’s the friend of Celia and Javier! AND Hna Rosarios husband, who’s not a member, was there and participated, so bonus points for that!

Yesterday, Sun was one of the best testimony meetings I’ve ever been in! Celia and Javier both bore their testimonies, then Hna Nenita who is a recent convert and the BEST (she feeds us and does our laundry sometimes), and then Hna Rosario.

Overall, this week was WAY successful. Hna Ruiz says she doesn’t know what happened, but I do. She killed it! Way diligent and persistent. So we have 4 investigators with a baptismal date and 7 new investigators! And more than the numbers, we’ve been able to talk to a lot of people and share the joy of the gospel!

Love you all A TON and hope you’ve had a great week too!!

Love, Hermana Clawson

Kellie’s “Best Week Ever”

First off, we had our new missionary conference! I GOT TO SEE MY FRIENDS!! I totally cried, laughed, it was amazing…yeah. To get to the mission office in Rancagua we had to catch a bus (double decker woo!) and a colectivo (taxi). Oh, and we took the train home. Get me on a helicopter and submarine and I think I have every form of transportation covered! Anyways, we had lots of good lessons/training, tons of questions answered, and got this booklet called “Adjusting to missionary life”. Its super helpful…Coulda used that 6 weeks ago! Ha ha. In fact, in the book it says, “It usually takes about 6 weeks to become accustomed to a new environment.”

Later that night we had a baptism! Technically, it wasn’t “ours”, it was the elders’ sector, but we’ve worked with their family a lot and have gotten to know them.Woo! Her name is Patty and she is 9. It was so happy! I got to play a bit of piano, Hna Ruiz gave the talk on baptism, and just all of it was so cool. Different than baptisms in Utah, but still great. Thats one thing much different about the culture here, its much simpler, but thats okay too. 🙂

Then….GENERAL CONFERENCE. Every talk was so amazing! And to have it in English reminded me of home like nothing else. I got to be in the “gringo room” with a bunch of other english speakers, so I was way happy. The thing that suprised me was how specific each talk was. They weren’t about “faith” or something like that, every single message was was powerful and to the point. I definitely received personal answers and things I want to do better. But also I received a lot of comfort. One of the themes I noticed was overcoming challenges, a lot of really beautiful things said, cause we all have them!

buin-chapelBuin chapel (from Google Maps), not sure but we think this is where she went for Conference.

Speaking of conference, one other thing that was said A TON was members getting included in missionary work and sharing with their friends!!! Our investigator Celia and her husband Javier are such good examples of that! She can’t get baptized until she is married (law of chastity) and we had a bunch of problems with the civil registry. But together they have been sharing the gospel with their friends and inviting people to church! And one friend we taught last night, I got to invite her to be baptized, and she said yes! Trust me, I know that its hard to invite people to church or talk about the gospel (try doing it to complete strangers en Español!), but its like a birthday party, you feel really weird going unless your invited!! So invite friends, neighbors, who ever! The church is true!!

Overall, a really good week. There really are miracles out here. We’ve found and talked to people and have seen changes in peoples lives. Mine included. Love you all and take care!!!

Love, Hermana Clawson