Keeping the sabbath as a family

So, we are gonna start with Wednesday. We started what I was most nervous for this entire transfer: DIVISIONES. Where I was in charge of our sector! Ahhhh!!! Luckily I was with Hna Villareal, who I live with, so she was able to help me out. It didnt go perfectly, and we were a little lost sometimes, but I learned a TON from her and I did it! Woohoo! We met a really funny lady, Maria. At first when we were talking, she kept saying things like, “You just have something special”, “you are so sincere”, ” you have a glow”… Seriously, totally cliche. I was thinking, “This is one of those miracle moments where someone is super duper prepared!!”. But then when she found out we were “mormons”, she said, “Oh, no. I dont like the Mormons”. WELL YOU LIKED US 5 SECONDS AGO! Ha ha ha.

Something else kinda cool, I’ve been playing the piano for the branch for a christmas devotional they are going to have in Dec. The problem is, transfers are in 2 weeks, so I dont know if I’ll still be here! We’ll see! But I love spending time with all of them, even though I’m dang tired of playing “Regocijad, Jesús nació”. 😉

Thursday was… HALLOWEEN! My first real holiday in the mission field! Not gonna lie, its little sad to miss my favorite part of the year, but I had a good day. Its not celebrated as huge here, people didnt find it weird for us to visit, even in the evening. We contacted lots of doors too, but no one opened or gave us candy. 😦 But we had a fun “noche de hogar” in our casa and I gave a little lesson, we had a “special musical number” by Hnas Villareal and Gonzales, and ate completos and candy! Also, that evening there was a 6.6 earthquake in Santiago. We “felt” it here. Well, others did. I only noticed a picture moving, didnt really feel anything. But everything is okay here!

Friday I just have to say that I bought a ham and cheese empanada and it was DELISH.

Saturday we visited Hna Pilar, who turned 80 years old! We bought her cake and icecream and visited her and her daughter. She is alone most of the time, so she really loved it, was SO happy. 🙂 We also watched the Restoration movie with Angelica, who is ready to be baptized this week! Woohoo!!!!! We watched with Hna Amanda, a less active, and her husband, a non member, so it was cool all around. I also had a special moment in teaching a less active family about keeping the sabbath day holy. We’ve been working with them the entire time I’ve been here and I took the lead in teaching this lesson. And sunday….

THEY CAME TO CHURCH. All three meetings too! So happy. 🙂 That day we also had a way cool lesson with Juan and Veronica, who are less actives and the parents of 2 daughters over 8 that havent been baptized. I’ve had lots of experiences where the kids LOVE church, love the lessons, love the learn about the gospel, but their parents hold them back a little bit, which is sad. But this lesson really helped them feel the importance of living the gospel principles as a FAMILY.

And today, we had a way fun P day activity. The 2 zones here in Buin went to a park called Aqua Buin, we played fútbol, fuzbol, pingpong, and ate bbq and cake. It was fun to have a big group and just do some normal things!

So…that was this week. Another great one! LOVE YOU ALL AND WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!!

Hermana Clawson


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