Octopus Lasagna

Some exciting news: Monday we found out that Hna Ruiz is the new sister coordinator! Woohoo! I don’t know exactly what that means for me (other than an extra meeting), but I’m excited for her! Just goes to show what an awesome missionary she is!

Tues I had a funny experience with this family. Ercelia is less active and her family has lots of problems. Her son in law was drunk when we visited, came out of the house with his guitar, tambourine, and evangelist bible, and starts talking to us about how he drinks to solve his problems. Hna Ruiz marked a chapter for him to read in the bible instead of drinking. 😉 I thought he was gonna start singing, but he didn’t. But what was really funny was that he went back into the house and brought out these mugs with a drink inside. Obviously, we were like, “Uh, what is that?”. “No!”, he said, “Bebida! No alcohol!”. Ha ha ha.

Wed was SUPER bizarre too. On the way back from our district meeting, we rode in a colectivo…..he had a STUFFED HUMMINGBIRD in the windshield. Creepy much? We went straight to lunch where apparently I ate octopus lasagna. I’m not even joking you. Its a good thing I had no idea what it was before hand. It wasnt my favorite, but it really wasnt bad, so… yeah. Interesting. 🙂 One final funny thing: that same day we went into a little almacen to buy some pan and queso, and this little girl turns to Hna Ruiz and says, pointing to me, “Ella es suyo?” As in, she’s yours? Hna responded and laughed, “Mi compañera, sí!”. Ha ha ha.

Thurs we went to Huelquén, which is SUPER country. As in vineyards, tons of way pretty flowers, bees buzzing super loud in the trees. It also meant a LOT of walking – the most I’ve done in my mission. So by the end of the day we were pretty tired, took a little breaksita on some swings (pic).

Fri we taught seminary again. It has become a way for me to track my progress! This time I was able to speak WAY more, and actually TEACH something (and least I hope so).

Sun like usually was amazing. I’ve become really close with some of the members, and I love spending time with them. One cool experience we had: We had planned a noche de hogar with a family and 2 less active members. But the 2 last minute weren’t able to go. We went over to the family’s house (sidenote: they had baby chickies, so cute) and the Hna had a friend over. Well, being super awesome, Hna Ruiz took the opportunity to turn it into a lesson and we were able to share with her, and have plans to visit her more! Crazy how sometimes the Lord has other things prepared, right?

Overall, I really learned this week that its the small and simple things that make the difference. Because over time, these small things amount to GREAT things. Oh, and we are super excited because we secured a date for matrimonio for Javier and Celia so that means she also has a date for baptism! Woo! Finally!! I’m way excited for her to be able to receive this blessing. I was also really proud that we accomplished our goals for investigators in the church (4 for 4) and investigators with a date for baptism (6 for 4!).

Thanks for all your love and support! As Ellen always says, sending it right back at ya! 😉


Hermana Clawson


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