Staying in Paine !

STAYING IN PAINE! YAY!!! I am seriously so stoked, you don’t understand. And with Hna Ruiz too. In fact, our entire ZONE of Buin is the same, minus one new sister coordinator because one just left! Hna Ruiz said that in their meeting, Pres Warne said he has a lot of trust in the Buin zone and that there are a lot of excellent missionaries here. 🙂 But before he told us for reals, our district leader called and said I was going to Curico, Hna V to open a new sector, Hna G to train, Elder Horsely to train, and Elder Angel to Buin – we were all freaking out. It was horrible. Then he called back and told us the truth. Not cool! But I’m just happy that I’m here. 🙂

As for the week, as you know, I spent Monday in Santiago. It was a crazy experience, thats for sure. It was nice coming back to Paine and being able to breath! We had a fun experience in the evening too, our investigator Alyeen turned 11, so we had a little party with their family. Crazy, right? I told Hna Ruiz, there’s NO WAY people in the US would have the missionaries over for their birthday! We had some cake, snacks, and gave her a card. They were thrilled to have us, so it was fun.
Wednesday we had an AWESOME district class about successful missionaries. We looked at examples from the scriptures, like Paul and Alma and what they did to be so successful. And they had a ton more baptisms, but we can still learn a lot from them! I also had fun Wed with the branch choir, this time singing! Someone came and taught them warm up exercises, it was so silly…I started crying. Ha ha. Love them.
Thursday was another fun day…Divisiones! I should probably get used to them, with Hna R being coordinator. This time Hna Opazo (chilena) came to Paine with me. Its still crazy being in charge of your sector, but she helped me out tons, with talking and all. But I spoke a TON. Most in one day of all my mission! She told me something cool, that she ALWAYS sees a miracle during divisiones. And ours: we contacted a random house and found a less active member…was an elder at one point! Don’t know what will come of it, but it was interesting.
Another interesting thing..I have no more fear. When 85% of your spanish is about the gospel, you quickly lose the shyness of talking about it, cause its all you got! In the evening we were waiting for someone to open the chapel gate and a man walks by and asks (a bit creepy) why we were the most beautiful in the world. I dont know why, but I literally said, pointing to the chapel, “Por que tenemos el Evangelio de Jesucristo”. We got talking and he said he would come to sacrament mtg next week. Ha ha. We’ll see. 🙂
Then Sat… BAUTISMOS!! Crazy, right? For two sisters in a less active family. Alyeen (her birthday earlier, remember?) and Geraldine. I LOVE this family and it was an awesome experience. We stressed hardcore trying to find 2 white dresses, but we had some miracles. And the service was super simple, but I know it was a beautiful day for them. And the water was cold! They and Elder Horsely were all champs! 🙂
One last thing. I’m talking a lot more now, which is good. It also means I have more of those funny stories from making mistakes. The best was this: Hna R asked if she could borrow some “jabón”/ soap. I heard “jamón”/ham, so I said, “No tengo jamón, solamente queso/cheese”. Yep, we laughed pretty good with that one. 🙂
I just have to say, I love being a missionary! As I finish my training this week, I feel more ready than ever. I’m having an awesome experience! Love you guys so much! Have a wonderful week!!
Love, Hermana Clawson

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