Birthday and Thanksgiving in Chile

First off, I got the birthday card!! I actually got it about a week and a half ago, but I waited to open it til the special day. 🙂 Thanks so much for the foto and recipes too,  AMAZING! Hna Ruiz made me pancakes, I made almond syrup (I found extract! ha ha), and they gave me a super yummy cake FULL of trick candles. Took awhile to blow out. I haven’t gotten the package yet, but its all good. Honestly, the card made my day, so I can be patient. 🙂 The rest of my day we spent contacting….which was interesting. Guys, I’m getting bold, and it kinda freaks me out. Its so cool how the spirit works too. On one street in the evening I had the thought to ask the people we were going to contact for references, or if they knew anyone we could serve. We were at one house and I did that. She asked us if we were looking for work, “No, we are just here to serve people here if they need help”. “Gratis?” At first she didn’t seem interested AT ALL in listening to us, but once we explained that we just wanted to help people, she was will to just talk to us and find out more. She couldn’t believe that people actually do that! Ha ha. Also, we ended the night with english class and the elders taught our one trusty student Vicente how to sing Happy Birthday, so they sang when I walked in. Kinda made my life. 🙂 No, but really, I had a very happy birthday, so thank you all very much!

Now lets go to the rest of the week.
Tuesday I spent the morning with Hna Zelaya again. Love her. We are pretty tight now. We talked alot about Bolivia, so it sounds like I really need to visit. Sounds good to me!
Wed we had a zone meeting and afterwards they had a cake for my birthday, sang, and also, one elder made hamburgers to share with everyone! Also, a random side note: One of our recent converts Marcos was wearing a shirt from BURGER STOP. Said Layton, Utah on it and everything. I freaked out of the inside, but only a little bit on the outside. 😉
Thurs= HAPPY THANKSGIVING! They don’t celebrate it here, but that didn’t stop me. I was a little bummed at first, because we had to spend the morning in Santiago again for MY carnet, but then…. I learned that I would spend it WITH MY FRIENDS FROM THE CCM!! Yep, I saw my comp, Hna Fast, Hna Wilson, Hna Bokovoy, all the Elders…It was AMAZING. And we all had to go to the same places and wait in huge lines, so we did a lot of talking and catching up. Life long friends FOR SURE. Some of us ate at this restaurant, get this” Arabian and Venezuelan. It was yummy. And the owner spoke english, so it was just a way crazy experience.
Thanksgiving Dinner
Then in the evening I bought a pollo asado (roasted chicken), some veggies, and a pineapple cake, and made some mashed potatoes and we enjoyed a thanksgiving feast. I’m not gonna lie, it was beautiful and I loved it. I also explained the tradition of saying one thing you are grateful for, so we went around and did that in our house. And yes, I had seconds, and yes I had leftovers. (I even shared some leftovers with the elders, cause they didn’t have much of a thanksgiving). Your guys’ thanksgiving sounds crazy too, in Chuck A Rama? But sounds delish. It was an awesome day.
Friday we spent in this place called La Trilla. We had to walk these dirt roads and my feet were DIRTY. But the houses out there were really nice, huge, and had pools. Yeah, we didn’t find new people, just menos activos. 🙂
Then skipping to Sunday, we had a Christmas devotional in Buin! The whole district was invited and it was a big deal. I played for the branch choir, and all went really well, they sounded great! Also, there was a choir of kids, and get this… ELDER ARCHULETA SANG. Yep, totes saw him. It was a way cool night, and a great start to DECEMBER! Yep, you can all celebrate now!! I am, that’s for sure.
Anyways, a great, great week. I love you all and thank you again for everything!! Til next week!

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