Best Miracle (week of miracles continued)

Then Saturday was one of the best days of my mission, if not my LIFE. For reals, I’ve waited so long for this day and we have put in a ton of work.
Sister Ruiz, Javier, Celia, Sister Clawson

Sister Ruiz, Javier, Celia, Sister Clawson

We decorated the chapel/multipurpose room in the morning, then filled the font, that whole deal, pictures….and then the actual baptism! She was SO happy and Javier too. She had a hard time expressing her emotions when she bore her testimony, but you can just FEEL her faith. Its incredible – especially about the Book of Mormon. She’s a faithful reader!! After the baptismal service, we had a quick intermission…then their wedding reception!
Javier and Celia's Reception

Javier and Celia’s Reception

Two big events in one night, so I was exhausted afterwards, but so worth it. We had special musical numbers, they had some time to share their feelings, (during that, Javier grabbed Celia’s hand…I started to tear up. I look at Hna Ruiz and she is too, but she just said, “strong!” strong!” – Yes, in english. Ha ha.) and then they cut the cake, toasts (with ginger ale)  and lots of other goodies. It was a GOOD night, spent with people that I love like none other.
And that was my week. Seriously, before the mission, I didn`t understand what miracles were. But Heavenly Father has a plan for all of his children. I have a testimony that sometimes when our plans don’t happen the way we want, sometimes (or all of the time) its for the better, because He has the perfect perspective!!

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