Week of Miracles

Seriously, it rocked. And its gonna be long, so hold your horses.

Monday I made french toast and more almond syrup. AMAZING. All the hnas thought I was crazy though, putting my bread in some egg milk stuff and then putting it in a pan…. ha ha ha. We had a TON of flies in our house that day too, so it was an adventure. They are nuts this time of year, pretty much in every house. But the coolest thing was that we visited Carlos and Ian, who investigated the church before. Carlos said that since the missionaries have visited him 3 or so times now, maybe this is the right path. 🙂 And he accepted a date for baptism if he feels its right! Woohoo! That night we also watched the John Tanner movie with Javier and Celia – They LOVED it. And they thought it was cool that we are ancestors. I joked with them, “Sí, y no me falta pan.” (Yes, and I’m not lacking bread).  Probably my best joke in spanish so far. Because seriously, I eat so much bread. Ha ha ha.
Tuesday we had a way cool experience with Carmen, the mom of one of our recent converts. First off, we had left her with the plan of salvation pamphlet to read, and this week a family member passed away. She even said how “interesting” it was, the timing of everything. So she and her daughter (who has never been interested before) had a lot of questions and found a lot of comfort in what we shared. 🙂
We’re gonna skip to Thurs. WE HAD A WEDDING. Yep, Celia and Javier finally tied the knot! We went to the registro civil in the morning, a simple ceremony, and boom. Married! We walked down the street afterwards and Javier bought us all some sodas. When he invited anyone to say a few words, I just lifted up my bottle and said “salud!”. We all just laughed and had a good few minutes together. Love them!
Afterwards, we headed to Buin to do divisiones. Hna Welch came back to Paine with me and we had a gringa party! First time I’ve done splits with someone who speaks english. It rocked! She’s from Utah too and is SO nice. I learned a TON from her, in just one day. Plus, we had an amazing day. We had Celia’s baptismal interview and it was a bit stressful for me because….she wasn’t home! I was calling errbody, nothing was happening, I knew the Elders were on their way. But we said a prayer, headed out to the street to wait…and they pulled up in a taxi. Phew. It was crazy, but worked out, thanks to some help from los cielos.
Later, we were just contacting a few houses…and we found a family! We shared the restoration really briefly and they said ok to having us back! Hna Welch is really good at just conversing with people and opening them up. We discussed a few ways (a little sneaky) to get people talking so that we can eventually teach them. Some of the things I like to do include asking for directions, asking for help prounouncing something (verdulería…they loved that one), and most of all: COMPLIMENT THEIR COUNTRY. It gets em talking like none other. They tell you all the cool places you have to go too. This worked really well for us when we were talking to a future investigator we wanted to follow up with and she had all her neighbors over. We just conversed about our missions, Chile, and eventually some principles of the gospel. Awesome. The last contact of the night was special too. We called the house, and a man walks out, “digame”. We asked his name, but was reluctant to share. We started talking about his family and how the gospel truly blesses families and eventually he said, “me parece bien”. And gave his name when we asked again. 🙂 Overall, a way fun and interesting day with Hna Welch. We worked really well together, and she is tall too! Probably a strange sight, but fun.
Friday we spent in the Trilla, so LOTS of walking again. I just tried to keep a conversation going, so we ended up having lots of fun. Hna Ruiz found a stick shaped like a gun, so we had lots of fun with that. I also the “Pioneer children sang as they walked” song…. Yep. Ha ha. Then for two miracles. One, our plans fell through for a bit, so we were just walking down a street, didnt know what we were going to do. I look at this house and seriously, I just stopped and went to call. This woman walks out and asked what we wanted. I said that we were missionaries, she looked at us, and said, “pasen”. Hna Ruiz and I just gave eachother this crazy look, like, “WHAT JUST HAPPENED?” We got in the house, and she asked if we were mormons. Turns out, her family was baptized years ago, but she wasnt 8 yet. We have plans to visit her again and hopefully we can teach her family too, she has kids of her own now! Later, Hna Ruiz told me that she was grateful that I listened to the spirit, she had passed that house plenty of times and never thought to stop. Later, she did the same thing in a different neighborhood, where we didnt even have to say much, they just were like, “come in! come in!” Why can’t every house be like that! ha ha. We gave eachother the crazy look and got to know this teenager and her mom. They said that they see us in the streets all the time, walking, and invited us to their house whenever. VERY friendly. And the teen wants to learn english (and LOVES Elder Archuleta), so overall, really fun amazing visit.

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