It’s Almost Christmas

Fun fun week.

Last monday we spent in Linderos and we played pool as a zone. I was terrible, ha ha, but Hna Ruiz ROCKED. Uh, secret talent much? So yeah, we won the one game we played. Ha. But it was way fun. Later that night we had a dinner with Javier and Celia because she left for Bolivia this week. Their kids are still in Bolivia with grandparents until they can save up to bring them here. But she really wanted to spend christmas with them, so now she’s gone. 😦 But we enjoyed a fun bolivian dinner together.
Tuesday we had something awesome happen: almost all our plans went exactly as planned! Ha. No, it was just cool because we got to visit alot of people (they were home!) in a short amount of time. Keeping busy is the best!
Wed – Well, I just want to say that I have a testimony now of planning. In the CCM when they said planning was spiritual, I thought that was so weird. But really, I know it is now. Sometimes we are in an area for a certain reason, or to meet certain people. And even if they don’t become progressing investigators with us, it could open people up for missionaries in the future. We had an experience with one lady who let us in because she had a good experience with missionaries earlier. Super cool! Also, that night we taught our first music class! The branch and lots of people we visit have wanted to learn to play piano, sing, etc, so I think its gonna be really successful.
Thurs= HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! It was really weird not being able to tell you in person, and especially not to be able to see you, but we saw some really cool things this day, so I think it was like a special birthday miracle. 🙂 We invited Carmen to be baptized. She didnt REFUSE, which was kinda a big deal. She is really catholic and has made it clear that she has already been baptized. It was funny though, because when I invited her, I was a little nervous, it came out kinda shaky. But she felt something because she got all hot, asked her son to bring water, and started fanning herself. Hna Ruiz said later that it was the “dos nerviosas”. Ha ha ha. Also, Carlos and Ian have been reading and praying!! Carlos believes Joseph Smith was a prophet and said that he is happy! Which obviously makes us happy too. 🙂
Friday was lots o walkin. We are finishing verifying the list of menos activos and that meant lots of time in the streets, far far away. Sore feet, but worth it.
Saturday was SUPER fun. We had our Christmas activity! We joined a Tupahue zone in Rancagua. We had a spiritual portion with musical numbers (I played the piano for accompaniment), mormon messages (the Pres Eyring one Dad!!), and a talk from Pres Warne. Then we had time for DEPORTES. We played futbol, dodgeball, waterballoon toss, and ULTIMATE FRISBEE. I can’t even explain how fun it was. And it was nice to be able to zone out a bit and just have fun. Then they fed the most gringo lunch I’ve had here: (and it was amazing)- grilled chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, salad, pan, and frosted brownies with candy cane. A fun fun day in Rancagua, and when we headed home, the other Hnas had a baptism!


The only other thing I have to say is that today I MADE BAKKELS. WOOHOO!!


Love you guys so much and miss you, especially this time of year. But I know that really, I’m sharing a gift with people that has blessed me SO much and its the small sacrifice I can give. 


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