Feliz Navidad!

This is gonna be a little rapido, because I get to talk to you Wed!!

Mon- We taught families!! Carlos and Ian (father and son) are investigators, Carmen and Marcos (mom investigator, son recent convert), Ana and Scarlett (originally taught by Amy Cluff), and Guillermina, Maritza, and Patty (recent converts – patty is 9 and she LOVES me).
Tuesday was my 5 month cumpleaños! Loco!! We also had an AMAZING noche de hogar (Home Evening) with an active family and 3 less active families. We had a cool message, they became friends, and we played the write to 100 game where you steal the pen…they loved it. And I got 2nd place. Javier stole it from me at 99…not joking. Ha ha.
Wed I had divisiones with Hna Davis, another gringa!! We contacted a lot of really wonderful people and its always amazing to see how other hnas work, teach, and they always have lots of wisdom to share with me. 🙂 We also had a music class that night and our investigator Carlos came! Thats a HUGE deal because hes in a wheelchair, so that means he can come to church!! Woo!
Thurs  was super special because…they replace our shower head!! We’ve been living with a hose for the past few weeks. And now the water pressure is right, the water heater works right…I’ve gotten so used to come things I didnt think I would be able to….so they are the biggest blessings! Also, we met with some menos activos (less actives) that haven’t been to church in a long time, but their testiomies are still strong and they remember a lot!
Friday we spent finishing finding people from our list of menos activos so we walked a lot. I’m getting to be a really good walker. 🙂 We also had a special noche de hogar as a rama (branch family home evening) ….musical numbers, short messages, food… and they gave us missionaries a bag of goodies. We are definitely being taken care of here! No worries!!
Sat we had a lunch with the sweetest hna. She lives on the edge of the sector, so people don’t visit her a lot. Normally after lunches we take turns sharing a scripture, but I got the thought to ask if we could sing. It was kinda random, but it turned out to be really special and she loved it. And she sent us home with pan de pascua (fruitcake…yum)
Sun…..I GAVE A TALK. Say wha?? Hna Rosario is a member that helps our companionship a TON, especially by coming with us to lessons. She was assigned to give the talk, but mentioned that she wouldn’t be able to. I offered to do it for her, to help, but never  heard from anyone officially. Sat when we met with the Elders, they told me that the branch was planning on me speaking. So sunday morning I whipped something together really quick. It was on keeping the sabbath day holy, but I mixed some general christmas spirit in there too. 🙂 The funny part was that the President de la Rama, Pres Frederickson came up to me before the mtg started ( I was at the piano) and said, Usted tiene un mensaje, cierto (you have a talk, right?) ?   Si, I said. Then, he said, IN ENGLISH (he loves speaking english with us, he’s in his 30s) “But you know its in other language, right?” Ha ha. He’s a jokester.
Then today we had an awesome zone activity. We painted our faces, split up in teams of lamanitas and nefitas (lamanites and nephites), and had a water fight. In the words of Elder Horsely “This is as close to a snowball fight as it gets”. We got DRENCHED…but it was so fun. Also ate chicken nugget sandwiches.
A great week and an even greater one to come!!
Love you all! Tenga uns Navidad muy feliz (have a very Merry Christmas)!!!

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