So, not gonna lie, a tricky week. We had the both extremes, super good, and super lame.

Mon – First things first, we had a MIRACLE. Like, legit. We had awesome plans to see a recent convert, had an appointment for 2 new investigators, and some other back up plans. We went to each: NADA. It was ridiculous. We had put in our agendas “contact in Nincunlauta” because we honestly thought for sure these other plans were solid, but we went with it. Hna Ayre was like, “This street?”. I didn’t feel anything special, but I felt that SHE felt something, so we went with it. We contact the first house and this girl comes out. We ask if she’s met the missionaries before. No, but her brother, but he’s not home. Oh wait, here he comes! He was super friendly, excited to see us (doesn’t happen too often) and then gives us a shocker: he has a really close friend that is a member, but menos activo! We go to his house and find out that just 2 days earlier he had texted an active member friend that he wanted to return to the church. And then we showed up at his door. It was a way special experience and throughout the week we’ve have good contact with him and he really has the sincere desire to return. And is even interested in serving a mission. YIPEE.
Tue- The special part of the day was our lesson with Paola and her kids Antonio, Cristofer, and Johan – and they even had a friend over that listened too! My FAVORITE moment in the mission: when people pray. And Cristofer offered it, even though his friend was there, and he is like, 14 yrs old. I don’t know if I would do it if I were in his situation. It was amazing.
Wed- We enjoyed a homemade pizza lunch (with ham, hotdog, and corn…tasty, you should try it), laughed a TON as the elders impersonated our mission nurse (“Hna, my back really hurts”… “Just play your ukelele…Just thing about your mom.”), and had an amazing lesson where Emanuel (a member, 18 yrs old future elder) came with us to Fernanda and bore his testimony of how the Book of Mormon helped his family with his problems. We can talk all day, but his testimony of that is what stuck with her, she said that she wants help in her family`s problems too.
Thur- Wow. We had just left Katerine for a bit of time, but we passed by this morning to drop off the Bible we promised her. She then told us of an experience she had… she starting reading the Book of Mormon! And she said that as she opened it, she saw a paloma (dove) and took it for her sign that it is a true book. Sounds a little crazy, I know, but we’ve tried SO many ways to get her to understand that reading this book is essential to knowing what we are telling her his true, so we’ll take it!
Fri – We had an activity for the obra misional. A NOCHE MEXICANA!!!!! It was SUCH a success, and we couldn’t have done it with out the help of the amazing rama (branch) Centinela. The primary and soc soc (Relief Society) did skits of El Chavo, some people sang, and us hermanas sang a group called Pandora, but we changed the lyrics to be about the mission. We had lots of investigators come to the capilla (chapel) like Paola, Cristofer, Antonio, Francisco, and menos activos too. And everyone LOVED it, we all were dying laughing. 🙂 🙂
Sat- I think after all the partying we did Friday, we all crashed. Including our investigators. We had really good plans and appointments, but every single one fell through, even the ones where we called only 2 hours before. It was pretty ridiculous how bad it was, but its always good to look back and see that we can get through those hard days.
Sun- Didn’t have as many people as we wanted in the church, but we saw one major miracle. Lucas is an investigator (10 yrs old) and SUPER ready for baptism, but his dad is menos activo, his mom not a member and not interested in ever being one. But they are both really receptive to having us teach. Well this week his dad was just going to drop him off at church, but he decided to stay for sacrament meeting!!! YES. Also, Hermana Ayre and I both gave talks (nailed it), even though its still pretty scary en español. Last miracle of the day: visited Maritza, an amazing menos activo (pays her tithing, but just has a hard time getting to the church on Sundays) and her 3 kids (our faves) all accepted a baptism date as they receive their answers! They’ve had missionaries before, but they’ve never really progressed, so we hope that can change!!
And today we had a WAY fun pday, we went to PICHILEMU : Surf Capital of the World! The Chilean ocean is supes legit. We took loads of fun pics at Punta de Lobos (where supposedly Jack Johnson has a house) and also went to Casa de las Empanadas. I got one with Chicken, cheese, and corn, and another “hawaiian”- cheese, ham, and pineapple. YUM deep fried goodness.

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