Wonderful Week

So, here’s the weekly throw-down. Is that a word? Ok.

Mon- Pday in Pichilemu and an AMAZING noche de hogar with Hna Nancy and her fam. We brought Mario, a menos activo and his friend Francisco, an investigator. The hna taught a class about being self sufficient, both temporally and spiritually. Everyone got to share and be involved, and it was something that we all needed to hear and learn.
Tue- We had a miracle with a less active family. La familia Gimenez. I found this family with Hna Cadima, but we had never been able to teach. We always pass by, say hi, see how they are doing, etc. And one time their 20 something year old daughter told us that they really didn’t want to listen to the missionaries, they had bad experiences, etc. But this time we stopped by, starting conversing, and they let us in!! More than anything, I think it was all the times that we had expressed our love for them, that they were really able to feel and believe it, and they’ve agreed to let us come back. They have some pretty big challenges but they are willing to listen and try to change. As we testified of the atonement and that God always accepts us back, I felt the spirit so strongly, it was amazing. LOVE IT.
Wed- We had a cool lesson with Maritza  and her 3 kids (investigators) and a member came with us. Not only did she give us cocoa (gracias), but we were able to talk about baptism, how they will recieve their answers, and how the church is a life long commitment, but it helps us be happy! And it paid off, because Maritza came to church this Sunday!!! Thats a pretty big deal, because she even had family visiting… milagro (miracle).
Thur- it RAINED. Like, a lot. But it was kinda nice.
Fri- IT RAINED EVEN MORE. But this time, allllllll day. But you know, it turned out to be our best day of the week cause everyone was home! Yes. I also have a few funny stories to share.
We went to lunch with Hna Nancy and the whole fam. They drove us home, so there were 7 of us in their car. Franco is driving, and there is this HUGE puddle (more like a small lake) in the road, he passed a speed bump a little too fast and the car totally stalled / broke down what ever you call it. But we can’t stay in the middle of the street, so he and Hna A and I get out into this knee deep water and PUSH THE CAR. It was raining, it was cold, my boots did NOTHING cause my feet got soaked, and it was HILARIOUS. After that we just walked home (weren’t far) and then went back out into the rain. And like I said, had a really good day.
We were able to gain a new investigator Barbara, who is the daughter of a less active. We also say some amazing progress in Virginia, who is now reading the Book of Mormon! She’s 9 months pregnant (having her baby this week), but very sincere person, very accepting. Also, a MA Domonique read and LIKED IT. She shared with us what she learned and it was amazing to see how she received motivation to endure to the end, even though she has zero support from her family. And lastly, we saw Lucas and he came to church this week! Whats even cooler is that his MOM asked when we could come back…. she’s usually not so interested.
Sat- We invited a family to the activity (noche mexicana) and they invited their friends. They gave us this reference and we were able to set up an appt and teach! They’ve had missionaries before, but for whatever reason, didn’t follow up. So now we have these 2 families that are friends. Sweeeet.
We had another funny experience Hna A and I. There is this dirt passage that connects 2 neighborhoods. It was like, 730 or 8, so dark by this point, but its a lot faster than going around. But we totes forgot that it had rained so much. It was COMPLETE mud. But once we started, we couldn’t go back, so we had to keep going. We were trying to light our path with the cell phone, there were thorny bushes catching onto our hair and clothes, and it was just overall ridiculous. Said ‘fetch’ way more than I’m proud of. But we sure had some good laughs. 🙂
Sun- An AMAZING testimony meeting, exactly what I needed, as well as Maritza, who sat by us. The branch is going through some changes right now – President Q and his wife, mom, and step dad are all moving to Guadelupe, as well as our fave MA Paola and Solange (but other members are moving into their house), plus Elder Layseca is going home – finished the mish! But its gonna be a good opportunity to grow and help out Centinela even more. 🙂
An amazing week, loads of miracles, and a lot of fun experiences I’m never going to forget.
Love you all to the end of the world and back!
Hermana Clawson
– The amazing elf hats that Hna Olea knitted for us.
– My english students
– Our day after the rain

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