Long time no see

It was SO good to see and hear from you all yesterday (Mother’s day Skype call).  Went so fast.. the hour and the time since I’ve seen you last in December. Here are some of the happenings of the week that I didn’t get around to telling you about…

Mon- Feliz Cinco de Mayo! Pretty sure we were the only ones that celebrated. And we only made tacos, but they were delish!
Tues- Pretty sure I’ve mentioned this, but I have disability when it comes to directions. I know Matt always told me that before, and I always denied it, but I have finally come to accept it. BUT- God knows I’m trying, so He somehow makes it work. This day we were trying to find a menos activo from the Lista and I so knocked the wrong door… right apartment building, just a different number. But the lady was super receptive, she has family members that are super active in our branch, and we got to have an appointment later that week. MICH. Later that night we were able to have correlation with the branch and I especially love it because the members are SO amazing… Hna Paola Adasme is like one of my moms here, we are super close. She was listening to music in english, and sings along… cute. 🙂 And she asked me to translate..Ha ha ha.. good one.
Wed- Zone meeting with HNA FAST (Sister missionary friend from the MTC)!   I was so happy.   And I got to play the piano for a musical number with 2 other missionaries singing.   I like that a lot better, so you can’t just hear me.   It was a way good meeting and we are really progressing and improving as a mission… the church is growing here in Chile!   Later we had a cool experience with Marcela and Carlos, a family that met with missionaries years ago in Santiago.  Like, they know A LOT.   They’ve had lots of noches de hogar, they found their Libros de Mormon for our lesson, and when we swung by the other day, they said they are reading again! Something Marcela said was especially sweet, she said that she knows that it has to be at least partly true, because we leave our families and our countries to teach people here, and we are always happy and helping people. Pretty cool to have people tell you that. 🙂
Thur- We kept busy with some sweet lessons.  Just know that I love the people, and they love us too. 🙂
Fri- A special experience of this day was Marta and Ricardo, which was a reference of another investigator family, Paola Hidalgo.  They have met missionaries before, they came to the noche mexicana, and they came with us that night after our lesson to english class.  And they agreed to come to church, like really easily.  Like I said, they didn’t come… but I have hope that they will be just as receptive next week when its not a holiday… right?
Sat- We taught English to Joaquin and seriously, his mom LOVES us.  And his grandma too.  They are the amazing ones that always give us empanadas. They gave us some again, plus they gave us a mothers day cake!  Hna Ayre and I asked them last time if we could buy a small one, but they gave it to us for free for all the English we’ve helped with.  Deal.  Later that evening the rama (branch) had a special mothers day activity and not gonna lie… I cried at one point.  They showed a video of all the primary kids with their Moms, it was presh.  I got all trunky and was like, “I MISS MY MOM”.  But then I got to see you all so it got better.
Sun- I SAW YOU ALL SO IT GOT BETTER. No really, it was really good to see everyone and I’m glad that everyone is doing well. Everyone here sends their greetings, like the members and other missionaries.  And watch out Matt, Hna Arias said you are guapo.  BACK OFF PERUANA! Ha ha ha.  No, everyone said you are all super beautiful, and you ARE, so happy that you are my family!
Love you, have a great week, until next time!!
Hermana Clawson

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