So, this has been the craziest transfer of my life.

We opened a sector, aka WHITEWASH.

We saw miracles like none other, including we met the most amazing family that are going to be my friends forever.

We get a call SO unexpected, telling us that Hna Mendez AND I are both leaving. We thought that that meant they are closing the sector again, but I guess 2 elders are coming in our place.

So now, I’m headed to…………….


Its the once place I’ve always said I never wanted to go, but I’ve said that about training, whitewashing, being coordinator, going to Talca, etc. And I’ve loved all those things, so I think Heavenly Father is finally getting through to this kid.

Honestly, I don’t know what else to say about this week, cause it was such a blur. We have visited a lot of our investigators to say goodbyes, which is almost harder cause it was SO short of time, but we honestly grew to love them so much.

I feel SO blessed for having been here in San Javier, I learned SO much and honestly just can’t believe how cool the mission is.

Ps, still haven’t offically gotten that email for the dates, so Im not sure yet what Im doing, but I kinda feel like its gonna be in Jan…..

BUT I LOVE YOU ALL TONS! Enjoy the pics! Talk to you soon,… from Rancagua. AHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Hermana Clawson


– Amazing family…. the teen just got baptized this saturday, they ROCK.
– Relief Society San Javier
– I found Sis Andersons Chilean TWIN!

One Year!

Well fam, the time has come. This week = ONE YEAR IN THE MISSION.

I don’t know about you, but I really can’t believe it. It has been the craziest busiest best year of my life. I honestly wouldn’t trade this experience for anything… I know for a fact that its what I am supposed to be doing and that every single experience has helped me become the person God needs me to be. And who I want to be. So blessed.
This week.
We have an investigator named Ester that is super religious, has been to all the evangelical churches. But she’s super willing to hear us out, and even feeds us yummy treats like cheesecake (first time I’ve eaten that in nearly a year). She truly believes Joseph Smith was a prophet….the problem is that she believes we (as missionaries) are also prophets, that this pastor lady in her old church is a prophet, etc. Its always interesting.
Also, we are still teaching Luis and Olga, whose member daughter lives in Canada. The miracle of the week: Olga prayed with us! She’s super catholic, used to just saying her memorized prayers, but she kept it “cortito”, basically just saying thanks for life and the food, amen. But hey, thats progress! 
Thurs we had a noche de hogar with a teenager member named Milen – she’s kinda a rockstar. Her dad is a member, but her parents are separated. She’s the only member in her house, but she takes her 2 little brothers to church. And for this noche de hogar, she invited 2 friends! So it was cool to share with the whole fam, plus extras! 🙂
This week we also had a special ZONE CONFERENCE. It was kind of amazing and changed my life. We talked about the booklet “My Family” that is used to help people start their family history!! So for that, I need your help, if you could send me photos of our ancestors (in email, not print) and stories, so I can put together my own booklet. Gracias! We also talked about the area book (aka, our playbook), and something called “el rescate” – which is gonna help us find menos activos as well as investigators. 🙂 And I played Uncle Blair’s arrangement as the special musical number. Gracias tio. 
Saturday was a crazy fun day. First off, Cristobal and Carolina are amazing. They heard that we didnt have anyone to eat lunch with on Sat, so they invited us to their house! And surprise – he cooked, and it was really good!  We went with the branch to an old folks home, fed them cake & cookies, sang, danced, etc – and they enjoyed it so much, they started singing and dancing too! There is nothing cuter than 2 abueliots dancing the cueca (chile’s national dance). 🙂 Right after that activity, we had an activity for the obra misional – we held a “mini CCM”! We went through the typical day of a missionary, including exercises, personal/comp study, language study, tracting, etc. And they all got to do practices, which was way fun. Then right after that a member (recent convert) came with us to a noche de hogar with Cristobal and Carolina. It was perfect because she was able to anwer some of their questions /doubts.
And Carolina came with Gaspar (their son) to church, but Cristobal had to work. All the members asked where he was and she always answered, “he had to work, but next week for sure”!
And that fam, was a wonderful week. I also got some sweet news from Hna Ayre in Centinela….
Guys, I really love the mission. Its going way so super fast, but I’m loving every second. CHAO CHAO.
*Good mood food

*Casa San Javier
*Rio 🙂
*Bus contacting…we’re crazy.

Happy, Happy, Happy

I AM SO BLESSED. Let me show you how.

First off, Tues we had Consejo, or the meeting with all the leaders with Presidente, basically it rocks. I got to see 2 past comps too, Hna Cadima and Hna Silva. We talked about how people are, past sectors, etc. It was especially cool to hear about Paine from Hna Silva… you guys remember Carlos and Ian? Ian has 2 callings and is filling out his papers for the mission! I was in SHOCK. Also at this council we learned from Presidente and the assistants how we are doing as a mission, what we can change, and clarifications in the mission rules, stuff like that. It was a crazy day traveling to Rancagua and back, (waking up at 530, ewwww) but so worth it.

We have also been doing really well with lessons, not having to contact quite as much, that’s pretty nice. One cool couple we found are past investigators. When we walked in, they had a photo on their table of a couple in front of a temple, and immediately I thought, “they’re less active!”,. But nope, its their daughter! She married a returned missionary, and now they live in Canada. Ha ha. But they haven’t been baptized. They know that’s what we want, but we’ll see how it goes with them wanting it too.

Thursday we also had a way cool experience with Cristobal & Carolina. Presidente of the branch and his wife came with us and he blessed their house, we talked about the priesthood and the restoration… it was way special. And they were so excited, ready to go to church on Sunday!

My 4th of July was pretty cool. We had English class (go figure), so Hna Bokovoy & I decided to make brownies! We also made a blue frosting and served it with ice cream. Como se dice DELISH? And it was fun to teach the coolest portion of the class= “gringismos”… aka, every week I teach a phrase or words that are cool in English, that don’t exist in Spanish. This week was “totally/totes”& “whatever/whatevs”, 🙂

Saturday was also cool cause we kept it busy, walking all over our sector, visiting lots of people. The best part was finally finding some past investigators and less actives, and we were able to set up future appts with them for the coming week.

Then come the big miracles.

In the morning we stopped by Cristobal and Carolina to go to church together. NO ONE ANSWERED. My heart was major broken in that moment. BUT. We get to the chapel and I see someone waiting outside. No its not them, its someone else.


They came from Centinela to visit me! Awwwwww. And they brought a few things that I accidentally left behind. Not gonna lie, I cried a little. They are sooooooo amazing, for reals. It was sad cause we couldn’t take any photos, they had to leave right after the sacrament, but I was SO SO SO happy to see them and give them giant hugs. 🙂


When they walked out, some one walked in.


I couldn’t stop smiling. After we knocked their door, they hurried to the window, saw us leaving, and got ready and came! And they stayed for all the classes. And they loved it. 🙂 They are SO prepared, its incredible.


World Cup, Winter and Wonderful Other Stuff

First off, I love Chile with ALL my heart, but I’m pretty relieved that they lost. Its super lame when they play cause we have to be in the house during the game (and for this game vs Brasil, for 6 hours), which messes up our schedule. I don’t even want to imagine what its like for the missionaries in Brasil right now, ewwww…

BUT, I still celebrated during our 6 hours inside by putting on my Chilean pride. Woot.
As for this week, pretty mellow. I LOVE our house. Well, that is, the hermanas here. We all get along SUPER well. Hna Curi, Peru, has been here for 4.5 months and just has 1 transfer after this one. Her comp is Hna Bokovoy, who came the same time as me. In fact, she’s the one that added me on Facebook and we traveled together in the airport! Its still a little crazy for Hna Mendez and I in the sector, but we are seeing lots of blessings! And this is the craziest it could be for me, so now I feel like I could do ANYTHING… in the mish. haha.
Mon- Our pday was a little messed up with the Chile game, thats why I wrote so early last week.
Tue- We had lessons with 2 menos activos, but they both live in the other missionary’s sectors… ha ha. But for the one family, it was the FIRST time that the hermanas had visited, always were elders. So we had a way fun time getting to know them.
Wed- DIVISIONES. It was my first time doing divisions as a coordinator. I went with Hna Bokovoy to her sector. Honestly, she’s an amazing missionary, and I learned a ton. It was really hard for me at first to just talk to random people, and even stop them in the street. But its examples like her that have helped me get over it, and we even did 15 contacts in one bus! We went up front, asked the bus driver permission to speak, then we announced that we were missionaries and that we were going to pass out pamphlets. (We’re crazy… its true) So we walked by all the people, offered pamphlets, explained them, and noted addresses/ numbers of the people that were interested. It was a crazy experience, never done that before, but it was pretty fun. 🙂
Thur- We had 2 lessons with new investigators and we got to practice teaching suuuuuuuper simple…. we were explaining but the guy just did not get it! ha ha ha. But we have to have a lot of patience sometimes…. thats for sure.
Fri- FELIZ CUMPLE HERMANITO MATEO! 🙂 Our day was good too cause we found 2 new families that are menos activo. In one family the single mom really wants to come back to the church, has had that feeling for some time now. And she has 2 teenage sons that could contribute so much to the branch, they need some priesthood holders…bad. We have some in elders quorum, one priest, and 2 deacons. And 2 of those are recent converts!
Sat- We had a way cool finding experience. We honestly find people in THE craziest ways. This night there was a drunk guy walking in front of us, kept turning and saying hi. After awhile he asked where we were going so we stopped at the house and said, “here”. He kept walking, but we knocked at this random house. They didn’t come out. But the neighbor did. She talks to us a bit and says, Why don’t you come in, its cold! Um…yes please! We get talking, she is a little emotional, and when we pray, she just asked us to do it cause she knows that God knows what she needs. At the end of it all she thanked us for coming and sharing with her. Cool to see how Heavenly Father puts us in the path (and those people in our path) so that we can share with people that need this message. 🙂
Sun- Church… WOOHOO! We had 2 investigators come, the 2 sons of a menos activa who have never been baptized, and in fact, have never been to the church! The young men and primary helped a TON and got right on friendshipping them. Afterwards we ate lunch with one of those menos activo families we found, and their daughter and son-in-law also happened to come over, and they are active. So it was a cool experience that I think will help them come back to the church. 🙂
Later that evening we got to spend time with our new favorite family, Cristobal and Carolina. They are SO sweet and sincere. They didn’t come to church, but they explained that they wanted to. But they read the back of their pamphlet that explains a bit about the church meetings and that we are normally dressed in suit/tie, dress/skirt. And they don’t have those clothes, so they thought they couldn’t come. They have also talked to their friends how they are meeting with the “hermanas”! Yes, they have challenges, but the best thing is that they have the sincere desires to know if its true and are doing the right things to find out. And their son Gaspar likes us now. He’s pretty shy, but now he likes talking to us! Oh, and they even made a pound cake for the lesson. 🙂
Oh, and when we were coming home, it was SO foggy, we couldn’t see anything 5 feet in front of us. and coooooold. I have a sweet vid to show you later.
That, fam, was another week. I honestly can’t believe how fast the time is going. Its a bit lame actually, cause we feel like we haven’t done a ton, but good thing there still plenty of time.
  • Chilean pride
  • our yummy house lunch
  • the San Javier sign (notice the chilenas smiling behind me)
  • and a sweet spider web with dew