World Cup, Winter and Wonderful Other Stuff

First off, I love Chile with ALL my heart, but I’m pretty relieved that they lost. Its super lame when they play cause we have to be in the house during the game (and for this game vs Brasil, for 6 hours), which messes up our schedule. I don’t even want to imagine what its like for the missionaries in Brasil right now, ewwww…

BUT, I still celebrated during our 6 hours inside by putting on my Chilean pride. Woot.
As for this week, pretty mellow. I LOVE our house. Well, that is, the hermanas here. We all get along SUPER well. Hna Curi, Peru, has been here for 4.5 months and just has 1 transfer after this one. Her comp is Hna Bokovoy, who came the same time as me. In fact, she’s the one that added me on Facebook and we traveled together in the airport! Its still a little crazy for Hna Mendez and I in the sector, but we are seeing lots of blessings! And this is the craziest it could be for me, so now I feel like I could do ANYTHING… in the mish. haha.
Mon- Our pday was a little messed up with the Chile game, thats why I wrote so early last week.
Tue- We had lessons with 2 menos activos, but they both live in the other missionary’s sectors… ha ha. But for the one family, it was the FIRST time that the hermanas had visited, always were elders. So we had a way fun time getting to know them.
Wed- DIVISIONES. It was my first time doing divisions as a coordinator. I went with Hna Bokovoy to her sector. Honestly, she’s an amazing missionary, and I learned a ton. It was really hard for me at first to just talk to random people, and even stop them in the street. But its examples like her that have helped me get over it, and we even did 15 contacts in one bus! We went up front, asked the bus driver permission to speak, then we announced that we were missionaries and that we were going to pass out pamphlets. (We’re crazy… its true) So we walked by all the people, offered pamphlets, explained them, and noted addresses/ numbers of the people that were interested. It was a crazy experience, never done that before, but it was pretty fun. 🙂
Thur- We had 2 lessons with new investigators and we got to practice teaching suuuuuuuper simple…. we were explaining but the guy just did not get it! ha ha ha. But we have to have a lot of patience sometimes…. thats for sure.
Fri- FELIZ CUMPLE HERMANITO MATEO! 🙂 Our day was good too cause we found 2 new families that are menos activo. In one family the single mom really wants to come back to the church, has had that feeling for some time now. And she has 2 teenage sons that could contribute so much to the branch, they need some priesthood holders…bad. We have some in elders quorum, one priest, and 2 deacons. And 2 of those are recent converts!
Sat- We had a way cool finding experience. We honestly find people in THE craziest ways. This night there was a drunk guy walking in front of us, kept turning and saying hi. After awhile he asked where we were going so we stopped at the house and said, “here”. He kept walking, but we knocked at this random house. They didn’t come out. But the neighbor did. She talks to us a bit and says, Why don’t you come in, its cold! Um…yes please! We get talking, she is a little emotional, and when we pray, she just asked us to do it cause she knows that God knows what she needs. At the end of it all she thanked us for coming and sharing with her. Cool to see how Heavenly Father puts us in the path (and those people in our path) so that we can share with people that need this message. 🙂
Sun- Church… WOOHOO! We had 2 investigators come, the 2 sons of a menos activa who have never been baptized, and in fact, have never been to the church! The young men and primary helped a TON and got right on friendshipping them. Afterwards we ate lunch with one of those menos activo families we found, and their daughter and son-in-law also happened to come over, and they are active. So it was a cool experience that I think will help them come back to the church. 🙂
Later that evening we got to spend time with our new favorite family, Cristobal and Carolina. They are SO sweet and sincere. They didn’t come to church, but they explained that they wanted to. But they read the back of their pamphlet that explains a bit about the church meetings and that we are normally dressed in suit/tie, dress/skirt. And they don’t have those clothes, so they thought they couldn’t come. They have also talked to their friends how they are meeting with the “hermanas”! Yes, they have challenges, but the best thing is that they have the sincere desires to know if its true and are doing the right things to find out. And their son Gaspar likes us now. He’s pretty shy, but now he likes talking to us! Oh, and they even made a pound cake for the lesson. 🙂
Oh, and when we were coming home, it was SO foggy, we couldn’t see anything 5 feet in front of us. and coooooold. I have a sweet vid to show you later.
That, fam, was another week. I honestly can’t believe how fast the time is going. Its a bit lame actually, cause we feel like we haven’t done a ton, but good thing there still plenty of time.
  • Chilean pride
  • our yummy house lunch
  • the San Javier sign (notice the chilenas smiling behind me)
  • and a sweet spider web with dew

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