Happy, Happy, Happy

I AM SO BLESSED. Let me show you how.

First off, Tues we had Consejo, or the meeting with all the leaders with Presidente, basically it rocks. I got to see 2 past comps too, Hna Cadima and Hna Silva. We talked about how people are, past sectors, etc. It was especially cool to hear about Paine from Hna Silva… you guys remember Carlos and Ian? Ian has 2 callings and is filling out his papers for the mission! I was in SHOCK. Also at this council we learned from Presidente and the assistants how we are doing as a mission, what we can change, and clarifications in the mission rules, stuff like that. It was a crazy day traveling to Rancagua and back, (waking up at 530, ewwww) but so worth it.

We have also been doing really well with lessons, not having to contact quite as much, that’s pretty nice. One cool couple we found are past investigators. When we walked in, they had a photo on their table of a couple in front of a temple, and immediately I thought, “they’re less active!”,. But nope, its their daughter! She married a returned missionary, and now they live in Canada. Ha ha. But they haven’t been baptized. They know that’s what we want, but we’ll see how it goes with them wanting it too.

Thursday we also had a way cool experience with Cristobal & Carolina. Presidente of the branch and his wife came with us and he blessed their house, we talked about the priesthood and the restoration… it was way special. And they were so excited, ready to go to church on Sunday!

My 4th of July was pretty cool. We had English class (go figure), so Hna Bokovoy & I decided to make brownies! We also made a blue frosting and served it with ice cream. Como se dice DELISH? And it was fun to teach the coolest portion of the class= “gringismos”… aka, every week I teach a phrase or words that are cool in English, that don’t exist in Spanish. This week was “totally/totes”& “whatever/whatevs”, 🙂

Saturday was also cool cause we kept it busy, walking all over our sector, visiting lots of people. The best part was finally finding some past investigators and less actives, and we were able to set up future appts with them for the coming week.

Then come the big miracles.

In the morning we stopped by Cristobal and Carolina to go to church together. NO ONE ANSWERED. My heart was major broken in that moment. BUT. We get to the chapel and I see someone waiting outside. No its not them, its someone else.


They came from Centinela to visit me! Awwwwww. And they brought a few things that I accidentally left behind. Not gonna lie, I cried a little. They are sooooooo amazing, for reals. It was sad cause we couldn’t take any photos, they had to leave right after the sacrament, but I was SO SO SO happy to see them and give them giant hugs. 🙂


When they walked out, some one walked in.


I couldn’t stop smiling. After we knocked their door, they hurried to the window, saw us leaving, and got ready and came! And they stayed for all the classes. And they loved it. 🙂 They are SO prepared, its incredible.



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