One Year!

Well fam, the time has come. This week = ONE YEAR IN THE MISSION.

I don’t know about you, but I really can’t believe it. It has been the craziest busiest best year of my life. I honestly wouldn’t trade this experience for anything… I know for a fact that its what I am supposed to be doing and that every single experience has helped me become the person God needs me to be. And who I want to be. So blessed.
This week.
We have an investigator named Ester that is super religious, has been to all the evangelical churches. But she’s super willing to hear us out, and even feeds us yummy treats like cheesecake (first time I’ve eaten that in nearly a year). She truly believes Joseph Smith was a prophet….the problem is that she believes we (as missionaries) are also prophets, that this pastor lady in her old church is a prophet, etc. Its always interesting.
Also, we are still teaching Luis and Olga, whose member daughter lives in Canada. The miracle of the week: Olga prayed with us! She’s super catholic, used to just saying her memorized prayers, but she kept it “cortito”, basically just saying thanks for life and the food, amen. But hey, thats progress! 
Thurs we had a noche de hogar with a teenager member named Milen – she’s kinda a rockstar. Her dad is a member, but her parents are separated. She’s the only member in her house, but she takes her 2 little brothers to church. And for this noche de hogar, she invited 2 friends! So it was cool to share with the whole fam, plus extras! 🙂
This week we also had a special ZONE CONFERENCE. It was kind of amazing and changed my life. We talked about the booklet “My Family” that is used to help people start their family history!! So for that, I need your help, if you could send me photos of our ancestors (in email, not print) and stories, so I can put together my own booklet. Gracias! We also talked about the area book (aka, our playbook), and something called “el rescate” – which is gonna help us find menos activos as well as investigators. 🙂 And I played Uncle Blair’s arrangement as the special musical number. Gracias tio. 
Saturday was a crazy fun day. First off, Cristobal and Carolina are amazing. They heard that we didnt have anyone to eat lunch with on Sat, so they invited us to their house! And surprise – he cooked, and it was really good!  We went with the branch to an old folks home, fed them cake & cookies, sang, danced, etc – and they enjoyed it so much, they started singing and dancing too! There is nothing cuter than 2 abueliots dancing the cueca (chile’s national dance). 🙂 Right after that activity, we had an activity for the obra misional – we held a “mini CCM”! We went through the typical day of a missionary, including exercises, personal/comp study, language study, tracting, etc. And they all got to do practices, which was way fun. Then right after that a member (recent convert) came with us to a noche de hogar with Cristobal and Carolina. It was perfect because she was able to anwer some of their questions /doubts.
And Carolina came with Gaspar (their son) to church, but Cristobal had to work. All the members asked where he was and she always answered, “he had to work, but next week for sure”!
And that fam, was a wonderful week. I also got some sweet news from Hna Ayre in Centinela….
Guys, I really love the mission. Its going way so super fast, but I’m loving every second. CHAO CHAO.
*Good mood food

*Casa San Javier
*Rio 🙂
*Bus contacting…we’re crazy.

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