So, this has been the craziest transfer of my life.

We opened a sector, aka WHITEWASH.

We saw miracles like none other, including we met the most amazing family that are going to be my friends forever.

We get a call SO unexpected, telling us that Hna Mendez AND I are both leaving. We thought that that meant they are closing the sector again, but I guess 2 elders are coming in our place.

So now, I’m headed to…………….


Its the once place I’ve always said I never wanted to go, but I’ve said that about training, whitewashing, being coordinator, going to Talca, etc. And I’ve loved all those things, so I think Heavenly Father is finally getting through to this kid.

Honestly, I don’t know what else to say about this week, cause it was such a blur. We have visited a lot of our investigators to say goodbyes, which is almost harder cause it was SO short of time, but we honestly grew to love them so much.

I feel SO blessed for having been here in San Javier, I learned SO much and honestly just can’t believe how cool the mission is.

Ps, still haven’t offically gotten that email for the dates, so Im not sure yet what Im doing, but I kinda feel like its gonna be in Jan…..

BUT I LOVE YOU ALL TONS! Enjoy the pics! Talk to you soon,… from Rancagua. AHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Hermana Clawson


– Amazing family…. the teen just got baptized this saturday, they ROCK.
– Relief Society San Javier
– I found Sis Andersons Chilean TWIN!


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