Well guys, I’m here in Rancagua! Well, not really. The zone is Rancagua, but our area is Rengo, about 40 min away. Its small, but kinda not. Im in a ward for the first time! Thats pretty crazy, its like a whole different world! And there are 8 missionaries here, 4 hnas & 4 elderes. My comp is Hna Gonzalez from CHILE (first time I’ve LIVED with a chilena, let alone a companion) and this is her last transfer! Ahhhh! We’ve gotten along really great so far, she’s mega helpful and keeping us way busy!

So, this past week: Monday we had a family home evening as a branch in San Javier, so those are all the fun pics. And an investigator Karin made us an amazing “once”, which may not seem like a big deal, but her mom told us that she NEVER cooks. Ha ha ha. The coolest part is that she and her brother were able to do the prayers, and their mom was SO impressed. She’s catholic and has never really participated in the lessons, but I think that may have opened her up a bit. 🙂
Tues we had the actual transfers… and the worst thing EVER happened. We got off the bus in Rancagua, Im looking around… and my heart explodes… I LEFT A BAG ON THE BUS. But it wasnt luggage, it was the bag with my journal and “scrapbook”. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. But Hna Gonzalez called the company and we are going to figure something out…
Wed we had our first district meeting in Rancagua! There are some places that are super familiar, basically have gone there every time I’ve gone to Rancagua… but its still crazy being in the big city. But while we were there , we were able to stop by the bus terminal… and I got my bag back. YAY! 🙂
Thurs, a pretty normal day of working! Its crazy, Hna Gonzalez seriously keeps things busy, we’ve had days with 8 appointments in the afternoon, one after the other, and we are basically running place to place. Its a different experience, but it’s cool! And there are LOTS of people super receptive here, lots of couples and families. Sweet!
Fri I got to go to Rancagua again… but this time for the leadership council. They are SOOOOOO good, we learn tons and tons. And I love being able to see so many friends, like Hna Cadima, Hna Silva, Hna Bokovoy, etc.
Sat we had a SWEET service project. In the morning us 8 missionaries went to the municipalidad (I dont know that word in english) and we had set up a project to plant trees by a school/ gym that is kinda… ugly. We planted like, 20 trees or something, in this “dirt” full of rocks. But it was interesting cause they published it on facebook and it was on the local news here in Rengo. It might be on FB if you look up like Rengo areas verdes, or something, but I really have no idea.
Sun- like I said, I’m in a ward! There are 100+ members, all the classes have teachers and students…. yet they still need a piano player. Ha ha. But it’s fun, cause it feels WAY more like Utah, just in Spanish.
And well, that was a crazy week. I’m still getting used to everything, but I think we are gonna see some MAJOR miracles here, there are lots of people prepared to make changes!! 

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