Happy Mission Birthday

So, first off the weekly update, then some crazy news…

Tues we had a way cool experience finding a less active. When we were contacting one day, we found a lady in her 20s that gave us the name of a friend of her mom that she said was a member of our church, but hadn’t gone in a long time, she told us when we could find her home, etc. Then this day we had put her in our agendas as a plan in the evening. But we were there in this part in the morning, so we decide to stop by. No one answers. We go up front to the neighbor… nothing. But then we see someone go to their house and answer the door. Bummer. We are feeling like they just don’t want to talk to us. Ha ha. But later that evening, our plan fell through, I saw her name in the agenda and thought, we need to try her again. Hna M was a little skeptical, but she went along with it. We stopped by and she answered! But she gave us a false name (she told us later)… hahahaha. But we got to know her, shared a bit about the “My Family” booklet I mentioned last week and how she could do work for her family (her mom recently passed away). We ended it all with her thanking us, saying that she was really happy actually that we found her and everything. 🙂 It was pretty beautiful.
Wed was a fun day cause we finally found Scarleth, the friend of 2 less actives that are young women.. and we all had a lesson together! It was cool because they all shared their testimonies, explained how the church has helped them, and we are excited to help 2 members plus 1 non member friend all get on the gospel path! Woo! Teamwork.
Thurs… ONE YEAR IN THE MISSION! And you guys aren’t gonna believe it… Hna Mendez and Hna Curi had to go to Santiago for their carnets, so I spent my mission birthday with Hna Bokovoy, from my same MTC group! You better believe we partied it up big time!!! The night before we were talking a ton about the airport, Mexico, the first days in the mission, and other fun experiences. And the day of we woke up early, DIDNT EXERCISE (rebels) and instead made GERMAN PANCAKES AND ALMOND SYRUP. Soooooooooooo worth it. Then we went out for a way busy fun day. We had to cover both our sectors with all the appointments, so we were flying on the bikes, all over San Javier. But it was a way fun day, we got home nice and tired, but still had a bit of energy left to make hamburgers to celebrate.  🙂
Its been a way crazy year, but I have LOVED it.
The rest of the days this week… pretty normal. We were pretty bummed that the investigators progressing/ nearly progressing didn’t come to church. BUT we had a miracle. Well, two. Plus more. But I’ll just tell you these 2.
Sat Hna M dropped a pass along card on the street on accident, but didn’t pick it up. Ha ha. Turns out, some one finds it, is actually interested, calls us, and tells us he would like to come to church on sunday. Um, yes? Then guess what. HE DID. He literally actually came, and with his friend. And stayed the whole time.  Wha???
Another miracle: TWO people had mentioned to us a menos activa, telling us we should visit. They didn’t have the exact address, but from what they gave me I was able to search some of the branch records we have in the house and found it. We stopped by on sunday, she let us in, and we shared a way special lesson. Its super complicated cause she’s living with her boyfriend (the menos activo son of the branch president…awk) and 2 sons, so basically everyone in the branch has hardcore judged and rejected her. But we were able to talk about Jesus Christ, the pure love he has for us, and not gonna lie, she got a little emotional, I cried a bit too… I know we were supposed to find her!
And well, that was the week.
The crazy news: Hna Bokovoy got an email that has our departure dates! I didn’t get it, not sure why, but I’m like, 99% sure that it applies to me too. So apparently for school and other stuff, they are giving us the choice of 3 departure dates, which are the following:
Dec 12, Dec 18, and Jan 12. HELP ME KNOW WHAT TO DO.
Love you all millions and trillions. Hope you had a fantastic week and another great one to come!
Hermana Clawson

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