La Carta!

This week just flew by, like they always do. But for reals, there are just so many things to do!

Tuesday for example, we had 5 lessons and found 3 new investigators! And my favorite part was a family home evening for all the recent converts.
We also had our zone training this week, and I got to teach a part that we learned about in our leadership meeting last week. I felt a little bit like I had to “dar palo” (give stick, literally, but more like whip them into shape), because I was assigned the topic of using our time more efficiently. We learned that we are out doing pure proselyting about 44 hours a week. And of those 44 hours, only about 12 were spent in lessons the past week, 10 in lessons, and the other time we arent really sure. Traveling and service… but other stuff too. So it was good to study that and share some suggestions with the zone. Go chapter 8 PMG!
Oh, and I also did divisions with Hna Cuevas, from Argentina! She’s pretty amazing, and laughs at everything. But everyone in our house (except me) now drinks mate, and it reeks soooo bad. 
Thursday we had a way busy day, we managed to get 6 lessons in! One lessons was super special, with Hugo. The hnas found him this past transfer and he has overcome some mega challenges. Like, with drugs, etc. And he’s still working on it, but he has lots of great goals. And this lesson we felt super inspired, everything just came out really powerfully. I didn’t understand very well the spirit or how it worked before the mission, but I know that this lesson was guided by the spirit. I couldn’t have come up with the words on my own, they were exactly what he needed. And because of that, he accepted a date for baptism!
Friday I got to go to Rancagua for a special meeting with the sister coordinators! We studied Ruth in the Bible, and talked about how we can help the hermanas. And I got to hear from Hna Silva and how its going in Paine, the same from Hna Bokovoy in San Javier. I love it! The rest of the day was chock full of miracles, let me tell ya…
First, we were in a lesson with a investigator that we found earlier in the week. When randomly in walks her friend… thats a member. Ha ha ha ha. That’s the easiest lesson with a member EVER. It literally just fell into our hands. Later, we found a less active that hadn’t been visited by missionaries in a long time, she was pleasantly surprised. And… she has a daughter that was never baptized…. And then later, we finally found Francisco, a recent convert that had lost contact with the missionaries for a few months. YES.
Saturday was pretty much spent in the chapel. We did service by cleaning the chapel in the morning, preparing it for the activity we had in the afternoon. The Rengo youth orchestra came and this one kid played the piano ridiculously amazing…. best I have seen in my life pretty sure. And a psychologist from the church services came and talked about communication in marriage, etc…. good to know for way way way later.
Sunday, sunday, sunday is my favorite day. Remember that recent convert Francisco? HE CAME. We also got to go out afterwards for a way good day visiting people with another recent convert, Maria Elena. She was baptized in January and already has a calling as a ward missionary, so she’s coming with us to lots of lessons. 🙂
And well, the pics are of the orchestra and the UGLIEST cat I’ve ever seen in my life. It belongs to Luis and Clarisa, a less active and investigator… my goodness so much ugly. It has that super squished face… ha ha ha. And well, I added my own face too.. your welcome!.
Love you all millions and trillions! Oh, and I’m pretty sure I’ve decided on January. Thats what I told the secretaries, so its kinda set. It was kind of a way hard decision, but I feel good about it. So see you guys for Tanner’s birthday! 🙂 HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEK!!!
Hermana Clawson

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