La Luz

First off, I’m coming back to Chile just to go on a shopping spree. This past monday (and today) I was able to buy some amazing stuff, cutest clothes everrrrrr, and not too expensive. LOOOOOVE IT.

This week was a bit crazy (aren’t they all?), but soooo many blessings. For example, we went to Rancagua for our interviews. Pres Warne is SO mega inspired. We were basically just talking, wasn’t anything too “special”, but he still said something that I needed to hear. About being a coordinator, he said, “just be yourself”, and basically just keep doing what I’m doing, I don’t need to try to be like anyone else. Check!
Oh, speaking of, GOT YOUR PACKAGE. Thank you millions! I especially loved all the cards, one from each of you. Plus an armadillo. Ha ha. Loved the WSU stuff, the peachios (obvio), the vaccuum bags, everything. YOURE THE BEST!!!
Something really special about this week was being able to find 7 new investigators. But they all came from the work we did last week, including contacting people in the street and in their houses. We were able to set up appts and visit them this week, and there are some people that have definitely been prepared to receive this message. Oh, and you know what else? We had 5 investigators at church this sunday!!! Plus 3 menos activos, PLUS ALL 4 RECENT CONVERTS!!! Thats a huuuuge deal, and it was an amazing payoff for the work we’ve done this week. 
As a mission, we’ve been studying and trying to develop more consecration. I definitely didn’t understand it as well as I do now. More than just sacrificing my time away from home, I’m trying to give my ALL – my talents, my abilities, and my attention. And it requires lots of little things, like studying for the people (not myself), talking with EVERYONE (even if we are nervous to do it), and doing a bunch of other stuff that can be uncomfortable or hard (spanish + mission in general). But you know what, it SOOOOOO is worth it. And I’m definitely not perfect, but I can see SO much improvement and change in myself from 13 months ago. (Thats right, happy 13 months as of yesterday).
And well, I just want to let you all know that I KNOW that Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers. He’s answered mine, in VERY specific ways.  Its just up to us to recognize the answers, which is the hardest part. 
Studying by candlelight when the power went out
Rengo chapel

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