Weekly letter :)

Dearest familia

So, the weeks are flying. Hermana Gonzalez is amazing as ever, staying focused to the end. Its been a way good experience for me, to be with such a hard worker. She’s been an amazing example. 🙂
Tues we had lots of lessons, including one with Ruth! Ha ha. Shes the neighbor of a member, who basically always comes with us now. Shes a bit older, so doesn’t get it all, but its perfect cause her member friend is there to support her and testifies amazingly. Also, I loved being able to testify of the atonement to Valeria, a newer investigator whose mom is blind and she was born with a disease in her legs – I especially love a quote from Preach My Gospel. “All that is unfair about life can be made right through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.”
Wed I got to my first divisions here in Rengo, guiding the sector! :O 
Hna Gonzalez from Santiago (not my comp) came with me and we were focused on loving the work and the people! We had 6 lessons, didn’t get lost (a HUGE deal), and we had some way cool teaching moments. And I was proud to have guided without any major problems. Phew. One lesson was special, with Claudia. She was alone, the kids were upstairs, so we were able to have a lesson that was actually serious and quiet, and we answered some of her doubts and questions!
Another lesson from this week that was really interesting was with Carmen, an Adventist that is super friendly, loves talking about gospel subjects, but has a really hard time understanding the restoration. She doesn’t believe we have more scripture, but I loved that Hna Gonzalez didn’t try to convince her using facts or more scriptures. Simply, there is a promise that those who read, ponder, and pray about the Book of Mormon, with faith and the sincere desire to know that its true, will recieve an answer that it is. SIMPLE.
Saturday was a special day because we managed to get in 3 lessons before heading off to Rancagua at 5ish for Stake Conference! Normally we don’t go to the adult meetings Saturday, but it was about “hastening the work of salvation” and Elder Avila, from the seventy (?) came. It was sweeeeeeeet, cause it was all about mission work and how the members can help. Speaking of, you should all try to go out some time with the missionaries, or have them over for a lessons, it would be SO COOL. Its the best, no joke.
Sunday we also had stake conference, and thanks to a bus from Rengo, Gina a recent convert came with Edith, who has a baptism date! It was a relief cause they are both young women, so it can be tricky, but they came!!
Overall, I’m really happy, its warming up, and Rancagua isn’t too shabby. Best house I’ve lived in, a sweet sector, and amazing ward. What more can we ask for?
Hermana Clawson
PS: The pics probably need some explanation. Those are industrial size rolls of scotch tape, which a family buys specially to remove cat hair – the cat that costs $2000 US dollars. Not a joke. Also, we baked cookies (from a gringo mix) for our language study one day. 🙂

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