Fiestas Patrias (#2)

Happy 18 de Sep this week! Its a mega big deal here, and everyones getting ready to parrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrty. Except the missionaries, haha. We have a super good week planned, except for that one day, which will be interesting.

Heres the rest:
Tue- I got my new compi! Hna Archila is also a sister coordinator, so we are basically a dream team. No, it just really makes a difference to have a comp with experience, wants and KNOWS how to work hard, and has lots of great ideas. In our mission and throughout the world the leaders of the church want to have the sister leaders together in companionship, just like zone leaders, so its pretty fun experience. But, that means we have to travel farther to help zones that dont have the sister leaders. Guess which other zone we have?!? BUIN!!! That means I get to go do divs in PAINE. So excited. 🙂
The rest of the week was lots of lessons. We were able to find lots of new investigators and new menos activos, and basically all of them just let us in the first time we met them. For example, we saw a woman outside her house, started talking, and she let us in. She is AMAZING. She prays, she has faith, she wants to help her family, and she loved what we taught. She actually got emotional because she had prayed before we came for something to help her son, who doesn’t believe much in God, etc. But he loves music, plus wants to learn english. And the next came we showed up at her door, offering free music and english classes. Coincidence doesn’t exist here people.
Friday we had a special leadership training in Rancagua and it was SIIIIICK.President Warne had a special mission president training, and got to teach us how to be better missionaries, so say it simply. We talked about planning, plus Hna Archila and I got to present a bit about how the district and zone leaders can use us more as sister coordinators. You know I loved that opportunity to share my opinions (woman power!). ha ha.
Another special experience I had was with a menos activa. She came to church because she knew she needed to return, and then asked us to visit to help prepare her daughter to get baptized. We never could go to her house and we didnt have her number, but then Saturday in the evening I just felt and KNEW that we had to go visit. We got a little lost, so we went to a store. Just in that moment was another menos activo that is her friend (knows where she lives) and accepted a visit as well. We found Hna Paola (the MA) and got to teach her and her daughter. BOOM.
And other random fun things of the week:
Saturday was world service day, so us 8 missionaries and Hno Ismael (mission leader) planted 3 trees and cleaned up a park.
Tues and Fri the ward does free Zumba classes. SO many non members come, its incredible. And Ive never wanted to dance so bad in my life.
With 2 new sisters in the house, we cleaned hardcore, reorganized everything, and now we have a new house. YAY.
I just want to say again that I LOVE being a missionary. Its the best best best thing Ive ever done. 🙂
Love you guys tons!! Have an amazing week and enjoy the fall weather! ITS ALMOST SUMMER IN CHILE! 🙂
Hermana Clawson
This is the only pic I have of the week, with my 2 Guatemalan companions, Hna Mendez and Hna Archila. 🙂

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