Feliz Fiestas Patrias!

A WAYYYYYYYYYYYY fun week, lots of celebrating. And working hard too, but definitely a different week than is normal

Monday we got our pday cut short! Normally we have til 6 in the evening as pday, but this week with all the fiestas and activities, we went out at 330 like any other normal day. I was actually really grateful that, we needed it to be able to see people… because the rest of the week went like this:

Tues- CHOCK FULL OF LESSONS. An hermana came with us to a lesson with Carolina in the morning. Shes a way good investigator, but it sooooo scared of commitments. She is willing to read the book of mormon, pray, etc etc, but says shes gonna need a TON of time before shes ready to be baptized. 😉 A different member also came with us in the evening with her neighbor/friend, then later her less active daughter! Boom, nailed it. We also found a new investigator and 3 new menos activos. And we accomplished basically all our goals, and they were pretty high. THats a happy day!

Wed- I got to do divs with a new missionary, so it was her first time! And I brought her here to Rengo and my comp went with hers. It was a bit of a crazy day, with it being “pre-fiesta” kinda, so a lot of the plans we had fell through. But we still were able to find a new investigator, we contacted lots of people in the street, and saw a menos activo and a convert.

Thurs- HAPPY 18 de SEPTIEMBRE! We enjoyed a super mega delish bbq with the Gomez family (basically another one of my adopted chilean families), then saw Gina (a recent convert), then another meal with Luis and Clarisa (part member family), then home. We had to enter the house at 830, which is an hour early. But it was super chill, I was expecting worse, like we would have to contact all day. Hahaha.

Oh wait, we contacted all day thursday….the day AFTER . IT was crazy, we seriously had such good plans, we had appointents and everything, but they alllllllllllllllllllll fell through. But we had a way good noche de hogar with the familia Lopez (he’s from COLOMBIA dad! and he served in this mission!!!)

Saturday we had the ward activity for fiestas patrias and we had permission to be there all day. THAT was our pday! 🙂 We dressed up as “huasas”, ate tons of steak and salads, played typical games, and listened to sweet music. LOVE this ward, they are so fun.

And sunday I gave a talk, on apostasy and the restoration! Its a topic we talk about alot as missionaries, so I decided to change it up a bit. *warning*, Ive gotten bold here in the mish: I started out my talk by not talking for 20 seconds. EVeryone was looking at me, some thought I was emotional, others thought I was nervous, etc etc. But I related it to how the silence is uncomfortable and can be confusing, and thats how it was during the great apostasy because Heavenly Father wasn’t speaking to his prophets at that time. I felt good about what I shared and it reminded me of some of the basic principles I teach every day. Ps, my invitation to you is the same I shared with the ward. TONIGHT you need to include in your night prayers the question if Joseph Smith was a prophet and if the church of Jesus Christ was restored. Will you pray? I know you will feel that its true if you do!!!

Love you family. Hope you all treat Joey like a king, and give him 13 extra spankings in my name. Hint hint , thats your cue Natcat). Tell Grandma happy birthday too! And that I love her and am giving her a huge squish hug!



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