They Came to Church!

Not anyone in particular, but we just had a really good week in the church! 4 investigators, 7 less actives, and 3 converts. 🙂 And we also found 9 new investigators… I’ll tell you that cool story in a minute..

But first, a bit about the week.
Mon- Happy Birthday to my baby brother!
Tue- Had an interesting experience with some of our investigators. Theyve been listening to the missionaries for some time, but its obvious they like the social part of it more than anything… so we thought. We hadn’t seen them in like a month, decided to set up an appointment again, and when we went, it turns out they have been reading the Book of Mormon. And they shared a bit how theyve felt as theyve prayed, etc. Honestly, I didn’t think that ANYTHING we had shared had stuck, but it did!
Wed- I did divisions with Hna Cuevas and went to her sector. Its crazy how quickly we can learn to love the people and think about/ worry about them. It was the first time meeting the investigators/less actives / etc of the other hermanas, but I really did feel what I should say to help, and wanted the best for them! And the best part is that Hna Archila had a fantastic day leading our sector, which was a huge relief. 🙂
Thur- we gained a new investigator Grimenesa and her son, and she is SO amazing. Her parents were married in our church, but now they don’t have anything to do with the church. But at the end of the lesson she offered the prayer and started crying, sincerely pouring her heart out to Heavenly Father, saying how she wanted to be close to Him and the church again. So special!
Fri- Lots of crazy funny experiences. A huge dog came up to us and I thought it was friendly… NOPE. Tried to bite my leg but only bit my skirt. Nearly died. Later I tripped harrrrrrrrrrrdcore, and the sidewalk was barely uneven. Awk. And then in Zumba the bishops 9 yr old daughter was dancing on some boxes and fell. I ran to help, looked at my comp and she was trying to hold in the laughter… nahahahaha.
Sat- Lessons, piano class, and more lessons. We are helping a less active family and their daughter Aracelly is going to get baptized in 2 weeks! Plus, they gave us the reference of a friend and he came to the lesson! Woo!
Sun- Like I said, a great day at church. And plus, the way special experience, like I promised. Last sunday in our weekly plan sesh, we had 9 appts with future investigators. So we decide to put a goal of 9 new investigators! But through the week lots of those appts fell through. Yesterday we had gained 6, and were walking to another part of our sector. We saw a lady carrying lots of heavy bags, walking with her dad (super old). We offer to help and carry her bags to her house. She lets us in, is interested, we gained 3 new investigators – so we reached our goal of 9 in the week! It showed me that if we exercise our faith and WORK to reach it, we can accomplish high goals!!!
Well fam, thats all for now. Hope you have a fantastic week. Hope you enjoy conference, its gonna be my last one in Chile!!!! 🙂
–No photos this week–

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