Conference Weekend

It’s like the Superbowl for missionaries! And when we get to stand up and sing the hymn, that’s the halftime show. 😉

I don’t know about you guys, but for us, the conference was the cherry on top of a very good, very BUSY week. But I am SO grateful for all the messages, and I received tons of personal answers, as well as inspiration for the people we are working with. 🙂 🙂 🙂
We had to work really hard the first three days of the week, and were blessed to have lots of members help us out. Including, we are teaching that old Argentine man like I said, Jose, and we brought him to a Family Home Evening with some members that live nearby. Turns out, he knows like, everyone in the ward cause he’s lived in Rengo so long. Ha ha.
Tuesday we had a cool experience with Grimanesa, an investigator that is sooooooooo amazing. She had a friend over when we went to visit, and we started talking. We ended up setting up a visit with the friend and Grimanesa told us that when we go, she wants to come! 🙂
Wed we had district meeting, some great lessons, and it was special to be invited to a special BIRTHDAY Family Home Evening for Enzo, who recently returned to the church with his mom and sister. Hes now preparing to serve a mission too, and wanted to celebrate his birthday with us missionaries and our mission leader. 🙂 How cool is that?
Thurs after making empanadas with the amazing Hna Mella (see pics below!), Hna Archila and I headed on a bus to BUIN again, to do division with the hermanas there. We spent the night, then in the morning headed in bus again to RANGACUA for our monthly leadership meeting. It was amazing, spiritual, yet FUN.
Like mom, I loved the Women’s Conference and how they were super focused on the temple. I didn’t appreciate that as much as I could have before the mission, but you better believe that things will be different after. 🙂 Plus, all the sessions were SOOOOOOOOOOOO good. I loved that lots of the messages were about the importance of the prophets, of personal revelation, and the love the Lord has for all of us. Us gringos got to watch all of conference in the beautiful language that is English EXCEPT for the very last session. But I guess that’s fitting cause it was my last session of General Conference in Chile! AHHHHHHH.
So…. there’s that. Hope you all enjoyed conference too, and had a fantastic week like I did. Love you all millions and trillions! See you next conference! 😉
Hermana Clawson
Empanadas, the investigators that came to conference with us, the hnas in our zone, and the theme of Rengo. 🙂

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