Super Semana ;) (Super Week)

Well family, its that time of the week again. I honestly annoy myself with how much I say it, but the time is absolutely flying. We had a FANTASTIC week, but I found myself frustrated cause we still had a lot to do. And this cambio (transfer) is almost over, we are starting week 6! Ahhhh! But here’s last week:

Mon- Had a FANTASTIC Family Home Evening with Edith and her mom with a member family. They were SO great, offering lots of help and just letting them know they cared and were there for them. 🙂 That’s the best thing the members can do! Take care of the new members so that when the missionaries go, they have someone to trust!
Tues- You know how sometimes its impossible to stop laughing in the middle of a hymn or prayer, even though its a bit irreverent? SO happened with Hna Archila and I. We were visiting an older lady (investigator) with her member friend. We were singing a hymn, we messed up the words, and started laughing so hard we couldn’t stop laughing! We would control ourselves for 10 seconds, start singing again, but then remember… and laugh some more. They are 2 older ladys, but were laughing too. I cried…. that’s how funny it was.
Wed- In between lessons and contacting…. I had one of the coolest experiences ever. I MET A GIRL NAMED KELLY. AND SHE’S CHILEAN!!!! First person I’ve met with my name! When she told me, I kind of flipped out a bit, she might have thought I was a little crazy. But hey, she accepted an appointment, so we will see when we visit this week. 🙂
Thur- Something I really love about this ward is that they do TONS of activities. The chapel is open nearly every day in the week. They do Zumba, soccer, piano, english, plus the other religious stuff. And it has been FANTASTIC because its SO easy for the members to invite their friends. We have had great contacts and references thanks to the activities, it helps the members be excited to present their friends to the missionaries!!! You guys should try it with the next ward activities, ya?
Fri- We taught one of our investigators how to do a Family Home Evening… first time ever!! She LOVED it! She is SO sweet, was so happy to have us over and share some yummy treats, plus a sweet Mormon Message (We are never alone – “nunca estamos solos” in spanish)
Sat- Another Family Home Evening, but with Paola and family (Aracelly is getting baptized this saturday!) We played the “questions” game, where you write a question and answer, but mix them up to read the crazy answers. They are JUST like our family. All the questions were like, “why are my brothers so dumb?” and “why are my kids so ugly”. hahaha. And we took these pics…. I cried laughing again. Take a good look at some of the faces.  hahahhaa.
Sun- Another great week at church. Jose came to church SOLO on his bike (guys, he’s like, 70 something years old) yesterday! YES. Plus we got to visit Danny (less active) and his active family- and they gave us a reference for 2 friends that live nearby! 🙂
Overall, really happy. We are a little nervous to find out transfers this Saturday, but I’m finally at the point in my mission where I KNOW that where ever I am, it will be where the Lord needs ME, and where I need to learn. 🙂
Hope you have a fantastic week! Don’t forget to pray! 🙂
PS, the Silva family from Centinela came to visit me! What a BEAUTIFUL SURPRISE!!! Plus, we made empanadas again (Level: EXPERT), and balloon missionaries. 🙂

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