Fun Week in Paine

Wow, I can’t believe how fast this week went. Hna Silva and I are keeping busy, I tell you what. We have improved a ton number wise, in a lot of different areas, which is pretty much thanks to her, she ROCKS, especially with the members. We had 8 lessons with members present this week! Last week we had 3 and normally we are lucky to have like 4 or 5. So yeah, it was cool. Also, we had 5 investigators come to church! In fact, attendance at church this week was the highest I’ve seen in my time here in Paine. YAY!!

As for the week – Mon we played “baby” / “pelota” / futbol and I scored… twice. One was on accident, one was legit. Like, for reals. Something about Chile makes me skilled. Ha ha. Later when we went out to work for the evening, we had a way cool experience with Carmen and Angelina. We have invited them to pray about the decision to be baptized, and they both said they received their answers. BOTH SAID YES. And when we told Carmen that her son Marcos could baptize her, she started to cry. Then Angelina…then Hna Silva and I. Ha ha ha. It is something so special for their family. And its a miracle because they were so closed at first – “Somos catolicas” (cant tell you how many times I hear that EVERY DAY) but now Carmen says “No tengo dudas”. The spirit really does change people!
We also found some really great new investigators. Katerine for example, said she has been searching for the right path, met with missionaries when she was chica and wanted to be baptized, doesn’t believe in worshiping saints / images, and knows that smoking and drinking are bad for her body. There are always challenges, but right now she sounds like the perfect investigator, right? We’ll see!
Thurs we were really excited because a family of less actives that we have worked with a TON (and I LOVE to death) – the mom and daughter came to the soc soc (Relief Society) activity with us! I totes learned how to crochet guys, like with pop tabs too. Hard to explain, but its legit. Im telling you, Chileans are skilled with the artsy crafty stuff. Loooooove it.
Friday was Hna Ruizs birthday. Earlier in the week she sent me a package through our zone leaders that had peanut butter and m&ms. Isn’t she so cool? Yeah. I know. She says Hi and thanks for the regalo! What was it by the way?
Saturday was Happy 9 months to Hermana Silva!
And Sunday was Tanner’s birthday! Wooo! Party til your purple!!
And today is monday. And we went to Buin Zoo. It was really fun! I took lots of nice pics for yall.
Thats all I have for now. Hope you have a great coming week! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!
Housemates…I love them all. We are having WAY too much fun together…

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