It’s getting hot in here…

Transfers went just fine this week! It always makes me laugh, we FILL the bus terminal in Rancagua, all the missionaries and our luggage. I met up with my CHILEAN companion Hna Colil (from Santiago), but everyone thinks shes a gringa. An elder that just left our area said, “Shes chilean? She looks like shes from AMERICA.”

We’ve been working well together, and its been a crazy experience for her trying to get to know all the investigators. In fact, EVERYONE was expecting Hna Archila to stay and finish her mission in Rengo, so its been a hard change for a lot of people. But she’s handling it well, even though at least 2 people have cried. Ha ha ha.
And like I said, its getting HOT. This week should be a bit better, but phew…. it scares me a bit. It was SO funny, we have a new missionary in our house, fresh from the MTC. Shes from Argentina. She asked a member the other day in lunch, “when is this heat going to end?” and we all just looked at eachother, trying not to laught… “The heat is just STARTING… we havent even gotten to summer yet!” Pobrecita. 🙂
Wed we had a way interesting district meeting. The assistants came and as part of our class (we learned about contacts), we hit the STREETS to contact people. Got a reference for the other sector, it was sweeeeeeeet.  It was also a great day because Jose CUT HIS HAIR, and Alejandra told us that she’s stopped drinking tea because she has to get used to it (we haven’t taught word of wisdom yet…) I’m telling you, feeling the spirit CHANGES people.
Another family that we are starting to teach are Vicki, Linda, and Nicolas. They are super special to me. They are catholic, but were really interested in the piano and english classes. They’ve come 2 times now! And we’ve taught the restoration and Book of Mormon and they pay such attention, the little kid (9) LOVES to read and learn. The 3 are siblings, and they have to take care of each other, cause their mom has breast cancer for the 3rd time. So if you could, please include them in your prayers, she might have surgery this week, so we are trying to help all we can. 🙂
Other great moments of the week: Jose prayed with us for the first time and NAILED it, Grimanesa introduced us to her less active mom and a friend, the Rios family wanted to return to the church (they are from San Javier, so we LOVE talking about that branch, plus I can buy beauty products from them), and Enrique told us that he finally wants to get married and baptized (he’s been investigating and coming to church for about 3 years now…)
And finally, something this week really helped remind me of how blessed I am to have you all as my family and the gospel in my life. Yesterday was Edith’s 13th birthday, and her mom invited us over to celebrate a bit in the evening. When we got to her house, her mom was drunk, her dad had been drinking too, her aunt too, and other random adults were there smoking, etc. Obviously we didn’t feel too great about the situation, but all the other adults left, so us 2 celebrated with Edith, while her mom Gladys was there, but not really. And her mom went to bed early (passed out? I really don’t know), so us 2 missionaries helped Edith clean up the house and put everything back together. Honestly, it was so sad to be reminded of the situation that some people live but I also saw the faith that this 13 year old convert has… its amazing. Even though this is her life, she’s ALWAYS smiling and laughing, gives the BEST hugs, and the church and the gospel is going to help her live different that what she has in the past.
So don’t forget to count your many blessings. And you guys are my #1s!!! Love you all, have a fantastic week!!!

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