Happy Halloween!

Sorry, but lets be honest, now that my time is running out in the mish, the holidays are even more normal than usual. I did buy myself a bag of gummy spiders, just like last year. Oh, but I did do something mega crazy. A member made sushi (we learned and helped) and I TRIED IT AND I HATED IT! IT was so gross, and I was suffering, trying to hide the gag reflex. It was a roll with avacado, cream cheese and shrimp. Ewwwww. But at least I tried! 😉 

This week was really great, as always. We are really focusing on Jose and Oscar, because they are both preparing to be baptized. Jose loves the church, loves the teachings, but when we did the pre interview, it was hard for him to remember…. haha. Its hard for the old folks! But he and Oscar are doing really well. In fact, Oscar had a SWEET dream. He always told us, “I just want to listen”… over and over again. But when Aracelly got baptized and Hna Archila left, he told us that he wanted to get baptized. And we set the date for the 15th, but he was thinking maybe more in the future. But like I said, he had a dream.. (chileans are BIG on dreams, no joke). He saw a big door with a lock on it, and on the door, a giant number 15. He took that for his answer that he should get baptized the 15th. 🙂 YEAAAH.
This week we also saw various people that really want to make big changes in their lives. Carmen for example, we have taught a lot of the basics, and we felt we needed to teach the word of wisdom. The house always smells of smoke, and everyone drinks tea… but when we got to the appointment and started to teach, she was SO happy because she WANTS to quit smoking, and is so happy that we are going to help her!
And you guys know that generally I’m a pretty optimistic, positive person. But I want to share something that I learned this week, from a pretty lame experience. We had organized a lesson with a member in the MORNING, which is pretty difficult for us to do. We got to the house of the investigator and she couldn’t recieve us because she’s going to start working. Plus, she told us that even though she didn’t come to our church (thats been the ONLY difficult thing for her), she did return to “her” church. And she’s going to call us when we can visit. I was SO disappointed, because we’ve seen SO much progress in her, it kind of broke my heart. So afterwards I had to really try to not show my disappointment and thought that talking with some people in the street would help me. And we talked with one lady and afterwards my comp asked why we didn’t ask for her address. I felt like I was doing all the work in starting to talk with people, plus with the bad experience in the morning, I was a little stressed. So I might have exploded a bit and said, “Just do it then, if you feel like we should!”. Sassy, right? I felt SO bad afterwards, and had to really humble myself to ask forgiveness later. But where I’m going with this is that this transfer so far I’ve really had to try and remember to be patient with EVERYONE, my comp, the investigators, other missionaries, and myself. And I was also reminded that I’m not a perfect person and I don’t always react how I should. But it was good to have those experiences to help me out.
And that family, is what I have to share this week. Right now I’m in Santiago, just so you know, my comp has a doctors appointment for her diabetes. And next week is our special mission conference, so we are going to have p-day on TUESDAY, not Monday, so don’t freak out when I don’t write Monday. 🙂
Love you all millions. 🙂 🙂  Have a great week, stay safe, and choose the right!
Hermana Clawson
Ps- 2 member friends from Linderos and Rancagua came to visit me so we took lots of pics. 🙂

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