So like I said, this transfer has been full of travels, but its been SO fun.

Monday we spent in Santiago, the doctors visit went well, plus I bought some Chilean souveniers. I CANT RESIST.
Tuesday we headed to Rancagua in the mission home for Leadership Council. Presidente & Hermana Warne recently went to Argentina for a training thing with all the other mission presidents in southern South America, so we got to hear all about it and learn from it too.
Wednesday we had interviews with Presidente Warne. You know, our leaders really are inspired. This transfer has been a little tricky for me, because of Hna Colil’s diabetes. I had lots of questions and concerns going into the interview, but President knew exactly what to say.
Thursday we had district meeting and I got to talk a bit about what we learned from President’s meeting in Argentina. It was mostly about understanding and having a testimony of the doctrine for OURSELVES first, and then we will be more powerful in sharing testimony with everyone else. Things like the Book of Mormon, the temple, tithing, etc were also some focuses.
Friday was a busy day of work. I especially loved the lesson with Oscar. We always have our lessons in the chapel with a member, while they are doing Zumba. We got to explain a bit about the temple, and how we will be able to go there someday. In fact, he was so excited to be baptized for his mom and grandparents, he thought we could just write the names on papers and hold them in his hand as he got baptized. Awww, presh. We explained how we have to go to the temple for that, and he also said that even though he doesn’t have plans to get married, “she’d have to be a member”.. HE IS SO AWESOME. And to answer your question dad, he was a reference from a member family, the Ureta family. Aracelly, the little girl got baptized last transfer and we helped their family be reactivated. He’s way good friends with their whole family, plus a bunch of other members. In fact, he already looks like a member cause he participates in the choir and goes to the activities. Ha ha.
Saturday JOSE GOT BAPTIZED. He was a little nervous, but it all went really well. He is the funniest old guy I’ve ever met. He says that he’s our “regalon”, or golden child, and when we called him to ask if he’d be home he said, “yeah, because no chica has called me to go out…hahaha. Oh, and when he was dressed in white, he said, “I’m an angel!”. It was a wonderful baptism service, with 2 kids that also got baptized. Happy happy day.
Sunday I LISTENED TO AN APOSTLE. And you know what the coolest part was? HE SPOKE SPANISH. They came with interpreters prepared, and his wife used one, but he decided to give it in spanish. And the messages were AMAZING. I feel SOOOOOO lucky that I could be here in Rancagua to listen to this conference.
And Monday was super amazing too. Elder Christen and his wife came for our MISSION conference, all 250 of us all together. I got to see all my friends, plus hear a bunch of INCREDIBLE messages. I played the piano and it went really well. But I was a little nervous, I’ve never played in front of so many people before. Plus everyone got a bit emotional when the choir sang “Come unto Christ”, even Presidente! Β It was honestly, so amazing and I received answers. Cool how that works. πŸ™‚ But wanna know something that made me sad? There are SO many new missionaries, I don’t recognize hardly anyone. 😦 But it was fun to see people like Hna Fast, Hna Ayre, Hna Mendez, Hna Archila, Elder Horsely. Oh Matt, guess who are companions and Zone leaders together? ELDER MCGEE AND ELDER ADAIR. Como se dice DREAM TEAM. hahaha.
And now for our pday!! Also, super awesome. We went to the Safari Park!!! Where the lions jump on the trucks and eat meat and lick your hands! It was so crazy, it was RIGHT ABOVE MY HEAD.
And this week is going to be crazy too. But I feel SO blessed to be a missionary, and for this mission in particular. πŸ˜‰
Love you all and hope to see lots of pics in the near future…. its the only birthday gift I want!!
Hermana Clawson
The baptism, matching bracelets, safari, LIONS, and a sweet sand sealion in Rancagua. πŸ™‚
Leadership Council

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