Another week, another nickel…

So family, another fantastic week. Went faster than usual cause we had pday on tuesday… ha.
Some highlights:
I GOT TO GO BACK TO PAINE! I can’t even explain how cool it was. I went with the other hermanas to a different part of the town, but I still remember everything! We saw like, 6 members and they still recognized me! And even though lots of things have changed, like the house they live in (its the same, but theyve reorganized and remodeled lots), new buildings, etc, its still my Paine. It was fun to see some of the same decorations in the house (including the chore chart that my trainer Hna Ruiz made), etc etc. But the best part was getting to see some of my favorite people like Gabi, and CARMEN. She got baptized right after I left Paine, but she always says that we were the first hermanas to visit her house. And she was super impressed with my spanish, I could hardly speak when we first visited her! She and her family are all doing well. Now her husband is listening to the elders and has a baptism date too! And as a family they have the goal of getting sealed in the temple! It was MORE than rewarding to talk to her and hear that!
Other cool things: the members have been GREAT in helping us, especially with Family Home Evenings in their houses, so we can invite investigators, and have a way cool experience together. And lots of the investigators we are working with have FRIENDS that are members, which helps SO much in the process.
One of them is Oscar, who was a reference from the Ureta family. And he got baptized this Saturday!!! He was SO excited. The actual day came and he said he was a bit nervous, but when he came up out of the water he was smiling, super happy and relaxed. Plus, he loves to sing and play guitar, so Hna Colil and I organized a choir with us, the elders, and some members to sing Mas Cerca Dios de Ti (Nearer my God to Thee) and it turned out AMAZING. Basically everyone was crying their eyes out, no big deal. Plus, one of our investigators came and she LOVED it. It was her first time entering the chapel and it was a fantastic experience for her. She’s preparing for it too. 🙂 AFTER the baptism, another investigator showed up and we gave her a tour of the chapel. She thought it was going to be all dark like the catholic church, but she was impressed.
And Sunday we had a mega confirmation day- FOUR people were confirmed and received the gift of the Holy Ghost. We had stake conference last week, so we had to do them all this week. But it was super special to hear all the blessings, cool moment for them all! 🙂
And well, thats all for now. Keep your eyes out for some letters, I was a little late in sending it this month, but its on its way!
Hermana Clawson
*PAINE!!! I saw hna Carolina + Patty,  Gabi, and HNA CARMEN!!
*In Paine I found a registro from Amy.
*We had a baptism! Oscar Alex Carrasco LAYTON. Yep, thats his name.
* Trabaja con el- Work with him. I LOVE YOU AND I LOVE WORKING AS A MISSIONARY.

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