Really, what are the chances…?

I normally only post letters from Kellie, but after Kellie wrote about going to the Safari Park in Rancagua, I had this experience that I shared with Kellie…


So I was in the Instacare lobby with Joey – doesn’t happen too often.  Pick up Time magazine – probably haven’t looked at Time magazine in over a year. It’s a current edition…
Get through  only a portion of the magazine and see this…


So, I think back to Monday and say that’s crazy – kind of like what Kellie did for P=day.  So, I read the caption…
Of all the places for Time magazine to go in the world, and off all the attractions in Chile to chose for a photo shoot.  And of all the weeks to run this set of photos…
… what are the chances…!


Kellie at the same Safari Park the week prior to seeing this article…



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