Feliz Cumpleanos to me :)

Its been another great week! And this week is gonna be even better, especially Sunday. πŸ˜‰ But it will be a little crazy, cause we will find out transfers on Saturday, then birthday, then pday, then transfers. Woo!

For this week I’d just like to tell you about some of the people we are working with and some experiences we had.
First off, Hna Archila and I contacted a way nice lady last transfer, but we finally found her again with Hna Colil. She’s named Carmen and shes amaaaaaaaaaaazing. The last time we visited was the 3rd visit and to start off the lesson she OFFERED to do the first prayer, but “with help”. And in her prayer she thanked Heavenly Father for putting us in her path, and she hopes we can keep visiting, because its helped her a lot. That is one of the most special things a missionary can hear! πŸ™‚
Also, Alejandra. That woman is SPECIAL. First off, she’s gonna get baptized, its like 99% sure, but she just needs to go to church. She gave us gifts (jewelry) and is teaching US more than we teach her. She’s sharing what she learns from us with her Jehovah’s Witness friend (they watched Mormon Messages together!), and she shared a personal experience about forgiveness that got us all crying.
There is another Carmen that is the neighbor of Hna Villacura/ Queen of Rengo/ member that used to live in SAN JAVIER. She’s helping us a TON with visits, quitting smoking, and gets mad at her when she doesn’t come to church after committing to. haha.
Other lovely people: Edith and Gladys LOVE me, Vicky and Nicolas told us all about the Catholic church and gave me a rosario, and Hna Paola (Aracelly’s mom) is SO my type of person (we played a “endure to the end” game and she got MEGA competitive!).
Lastly, I’d like to end with a funny experience we had as a house. Hna Cuevas told us that Hna Aizama (her comp) woke up like a “evangelical rocker”, cause of her singing, etc. Later when we started off our comp studies together, we kneeled down to pray the 4 of us, when randomly Hna Cuevas stood up. I said, “Who’s the evangelical rocker now?” and the other hermanas “Hallelujah!” “Amen!”. And we all DIED laughing. Maybe it doesn’t sound funny, but just trust me, you’d have to live it to understand. πŸ˜‰
And well, thank you all for the birthday wishes. I know its gonna be a great day! Love you all millions and thanks for being the very best! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
Hermana Clawson
Happy birthday to Hna Clawson!
Noche de hogar with my fave family from San Javier (Hna Villacura, Hna Rosa, Claudia, and Javiera)
Noche de hogar with Familia Gomez and Familia Gomez (members and investigators!)

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