It’s the Most Wonderful Time… of the Year!!

Its the best time of the year! Hermana Clawson is FULL ON Christmas spirit! We’ve got the trees decorated, the stockings up, and singing christmas hymns every morning. I’m really happy to be here with lots of people that I love, a LOT. Its gonna be one of the best Christmases ever! But heres what happened this week:
First off, yes Mom, I’ve heard a TON about “He is the Gift” , or “El es la Dadiva”. Its HUGE for the missionaries… we are using it in every lesson, basically every contact that we have with a person. I love it! And honestly, its helped us find new investigators!
Something else fantastic: Leadership council in Rancagua! And this one was EXTRA EXTRA special. First off, when I got to the mission home, Pres Warne comes out and says, Hey Sister Clawson, your friend is here. I’m super confused, but then look and see my friend BRAYDA EGBERT from Weber State! Her brother is serving/served here, and the whole family went to pick him up! It was THE craziest thing thats ever happened to me in the mish! I got to meet the whole fam, plus her brother ended in Paine, where he taught the husband of Carmen and Angi… he got baptized this last Saturday! Now the WHOLE family has been baptized! My heart could explode from so much happiness!!! Plus, in this council I got to see Hna Ayre, my trainee… is now TRAINING and a COORDINATOR, all at once! And lastly, we learned from Pres Warne that the mission work is changing… its not going to be so much focused on numbers, we are only going to count baptisms, church attendance, and a few other things individualized for each mission. Guys, thats a major change, like from the memorized”discussions” to Preach My Gospel! The Lord is hastening His work! 😉
Something else I learned this week is that most of the times, the numbers really don’t matter. The numbers that we had this week did not reflect in any way the work we put in. And even though in some areas we thought we didnt do so well, at the  end of the week looking back, some things went fantastic! For example, we found some awesome new investigators, plus lots of people went to church, including a menos activo family that we have been teaching since I got to Rengo!
And, I also had lots of fun this week. One: a sweet noche de hogar with Gina, a 14 year old recent convert. Her family is ALWAYS home when we visit, but never listen. So we planned this to get them involved. They LOVED it, especially the games afterwards, we laughed a TON. And as a result, her sister in law came to church with her on sunday for the first time! Woohoooooo!!! Two: Today all 8 missionaries plus friends ((a few members and investigators) went to the church, we made and ate completos, and played the m&m straw game. Had a great time!!
And well, that was a great week. Not too trunky yet, but maybe almost…. NO! Never! NO but really, I’m excited to keep working hard up until the end!

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