10 Days til Christmas!

This kid is ALL up in the Christmas swing! My house companions all make fun of me, for the Christmas spirit I have. Christmas hymns in the morning (and in every lesson), more decorations and gifts, its fanTASTic!

But the funny thing is, with Christmas time comes lots of activities, which takes away from real missionary working time. This was one of those weeks. I’m not gonna lie, numbers wise, it was laaaaaame. BUT, I feel really good about what we could do.
For example, our investigator Alejandra is AMAZING. She still just lacks coming to church, but she is sharing the gospel with her friends, inviting them to the baptisms, because she has a TESTIMONY of the gospel, and especially the authority of the priesthood. She told her friend, “In this church, you don’t just get baptized by whatever man off the street, he’s called of GOD. I was baptized in the evangelical church by the priest and later he told me he had a crush on me. How can that baptism be valid?” Ha ha ha. Also, Grimanesa has been reading, praying, and even though we haven’t been able to see her as much as we’d like, she expressed that she WANTS to get baptized because she feels that the gospel has changed her for the better. And its true! Another special couple are Luis and Clarisa. I don’t know if I’ve told them much about you, but she’s been listening to the missionaries all my time here, plus several months before. I honestly think she’s been investigating and GOING to church every week for nearly a year. Her boyfriend is a member, and they want to get married, but they had lots of challenges. Now they can, but they just lack a little money to have the registro civil come and marry them in the chapel. And honestly, I hope you are all right with this, but I offered to pay that part, as a gift from the Clawson family. And when they get sealed in a year, I’d like to come back. But we’ll see. HNA CLAWSON= WEDDING PLANNER OF THE CENTURY! 🙂 We are SOOOOO excited, cause its finally gonna happen!!!!
Another fun activities of the week:
– I had a “self-reliance training” in Rancagua with all the other missionaries that go home with me. A service missionary came and talked to us about goals, studies, jobs, interviews, etc etc. Talk about TRUNKY. I got called on to do a mock job interview in front of everyone. It went really well, especially for my first interview in SPANISH. haha.
-Our zone plus 4 others (aka, lots of missionaries) got to have our CHRISTMAS ACITIVITY! I shared my last testimony (CRAZY), we sang christmas hymns, saw the tab choir video, played sweet sports (funny story: we played crab soccer and this one elder yelled “falcon PUNCH” (Nintendo 64) as he punched the ball, I sat laughing for 5 minutes straight, I was the only one who actually understood how funny that is) plus lunch and the coolest Christmas missionary video you’ve ever seen.
-Us 8 missionaries from Rengo went to Requinoa to help an investigator decorate the Red Cross building she volunteers at for Christmas! It turned out really nice, plus we had way too much fun.
And well, like I said, lots of fun stuff this week. And I KNOW that the coming days are gonna be crazy too! But here’s to a very happy Christmas season!

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