I’m Coming Home to You

It’s happened guys. I can’t believe it, but its gonna be great. 🙂 I’d like to tell you a bit about this week and then the overall picture of the mission.

First off, Happy New Year! 2015 is gonna be a great one! But at the same time, 2014 was the best year ever. 😉  New Years eve we spent eating, basically all day long. We had lunch like normal with a family, then an investigator invited us to her house, we ate more food there (plus watched the John Tanner vid!), then we had to be home by 7, where the other hermanas made dinner. This year I managed to stay awake til 12, just to hear the “Feliz Año Nuevo!” and the fireworks.
And we started off the new year really well. We had a lesson with a guy named Sebastian and his mom Miriam. I met Sebastian on the bus one day and we talked the whole time about San Javier. I never got his address, but las week he came to the chapel after all the meetings and told me he wanted us to visit his mom. We went, got to know them, and share a bit about the restoration. It was crazy to see a random contact turn out like that! Plus, they came to english and piano class this week!
Another special thing was my last leadership meeting. I got to hang out with Hna Ayre, plus we learned more about the changes that are going to happen in the mission. Less counting numbers and more doing what really counts. 🙂 I love it. Plus, Presidente invited me to share a bit of my experience of working with the church leaders and members, which has been one of my strong points I feel. It went really well and we all had a great conversation together.
Later that evening we had a way cool, also funny experience. A new member was accompanying us to an appointment we had planned, but she wasnt home. I told her, I’m gonna pray that we find her in our path as we walk. I did, we start walking, and she just so happens to walk towards us. The member couldn’t believe it! But, turns out I wasn’t specific enough in my prayer, because she couldn’t let us in, but we have an appt for another day. Hahahaha.
Saturday we had a sweet experience too. We were talking a shortcut and I happened to notice a set of keys on the ground. I look around, but there isn’t anyone nearby. I see an old grandpa watering his plants and decide to ask him. Turns out they were his grandson’s that lives with him….. plus he’s a MEMBER. When his wife died he never went back to church, but he agreed to let us visit. Plus, it was a name and address that I had been searching for this whole month on the list of members we have. CHECK.
And, the coolest miracle of all: Alejandra finally came to church! We have waited SO long, but she finally did it! But it doesn’t end there, it was fast and testimony meeting. She turns to us and asks if she can bear her testimony…. Yeah, why not? She goes up front and bears an amazing testimony about how even though it was her first time going to church, she knows that she’s in the right place, that the angel missionaries have changed her life, and that she feels so at peace in the gospel. Now THAT’S a special moment for a missionary. ALL the members were like, when are you going to visit her this week, we wanna come! 🙂
And well, the mission has been FULL of miracles. The other night I did something I never thought I would do. In prayer I thanked Heavenly Father for all the blessings He has given me, and then I thanked Him for all the challenges, problems, and hard times, because they’ve helped me grow and become who I need to be. I can say that the mission has helped me learn that service and focusing on others truly does make us feel better. That loving people and seeing them as God sees them, and their potential, can change them. I’ve seen that we are free to make all kinds of decisions, so we can choose to be happy or not, we can be offended or forgive. I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the only path to true happiness and peace in this life. And I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior. He’s the savior of us all! And He loves us perfectly, even with all our defects and weaknesses. Thanks to His atonement, those defects can be removed from our lives.
I love you all so much and I’m excited to see you soon. But just to warn you, I’m gonna have to come back to visit my 2nd home. 🙂



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