Red-eye to Chile

Matt and Kellie are traveling to Chile tonight!  They fly through the night to Santiago.  Then Matt will have another flight to Osorno.  They were very excited that they could travel together along with their MTC districts.  There are about 20 going to Chile together.  They have really been blessed to share the MTC experience together and see each other so often.  They have grown even closer through this experience.  It will be another difficult farewell for them.

They had a few minutes to call from the Mexico City airport.  They sounded great.  It was fun and emotional to have some time to talk with them.  Matt was able to place a Book of Mormon at the airport!  Hopefully, he share more details the next time he gets to write.

Travel plans

Matt: So we got our flight plans on friday night!! I don’t have it with me right now so our district is going to go get it and then come back and send the information to our families. Kellie will be doing the same thing. Kellie’s district and mine will be flying down to Santiago together!! So that’s pretty awesome!! But ya I will be getting more information to you here in a sec.

I know we are being watched over and are so blessed. My goal is to start being better at recognizing all the blessing that I have had in my life and will have!

Kellie: Guess what?!?! I have my flight plans! Yay!!! And the coolest thing: Matt and I and both our districts (those going to Chile) are all on the same flight to Santiago!!!! Woooooo.

Our flight is Monday night at 9:25 pm. We should land around 6:30 am, if I remember right. We are pretty stoked, cause we should hopefully be able to sleep pretty much the whole flight. But then Matt will have another flight. But yeah. So we will probably leave the CCM around 5:30 we are thinking. Haven’t heard for sure. And we will probably call from the airport that night, so maybe between 6 and 9 Utah time.

Anyways, just wanted to let you know. I’M GOING TO CHILE Y’ALL!!!

Mexico City Temple

Note: They take the missionaries to the Mexico City Temple every other P-day. It is a 45 minute drive across the city. The temple was closed for maintenance for a while, so Matt and Kellie were only able to go twice. CCM is the Spanish abbreviation for MTC.

Matt: Its been a great week here in the CCM!! I went to the temple today but it was at a different time than Kellie!! 😦 But it was still such a great time haha Its also really cool just going on the bus ride to the temple and back haha. Its never boring you always see something crazy every time ha!! Its hard to believe that Kellie and I leave on Tuesday!! We haven’t received our flight plans yet but our district leader said that he talked to President Pratt about it and Pres. Pratt said that we should receive our flight plans tomorrow or Saturday but maybe even later but also that he thought we would be leaving on Tuesday morning at 1 in the morning haha so that will be fun:) And its your birthday!!!!! I wish I could be there with you to celebrate but I gotta be here serving ha!!

Kellie: It seems so crazy to me also. We are just counting down the days to Chile! It is so weird, but I’m excited to. I know it will be hard, especially at first, but it will be so good also. We did get to go to the temple again today and it was wonderful. I didn’t go with Matt this time, but it was still so nice. I sat next to the cutest native hermana, she was a full foot shorter than me. Ha ha.

We take the buses to the temple and we drive through the crazy city and see so many people that I couldn’t help but think, “If only they knew how much God loves them and wants to bless them!”. It has definitely made me want to share the gospel with everyone I can, because it has made ME so happy, and I want them to experience that joy too.

The calls

The calls came in the mail.  Matt was working that evening so we did not get to open them that night.  Matt opened his first.  He was called to the Chile Osorno Mission.  He will report to the Mexico City MTC on July 17.  Kellie opened hers next.  She was called to the Chile Rancagua Mission.  She will also report to the Mexico City MTC on July 17.  We were in shock.  We are so happen that they will have this shared experience.  Never imaged that they would serve in the same country or enter the MTC the same day.

The calls

Kellie and Sara

Where's Osorno?

Safety Circles

Matt 7/25: These are our safety circles!! If we stand inside of them they can protect us from earthquakes hmmmmmmmmmm. I’m not so sure haha. lolouuulo

Matt 8/8: Oh and another bit of news there was a nearby earthquake yesterday and we all had to leave our classrooms and get in the safety circles because we heard the sirens going off but apparently it was far enough away that we couldn’t even feel anything but it wasn’t a drill so it was pretty cool ha.

Kellie 8/8: Oh, wanna hear the craziest part of this week? We were sitting in our room, waiting for class to start when an alarm goes off. We didn’t take it very serious. In fact, our elders ran to the windows and started yelling at the people outside, like, ”’take cover!”, just kind of teasing. Then we learned we actually needed to leave and go to these gathering spots they have painted all over. They told us it was an earthquake warning!! We just stood there and waited and…..nothing. Everyone was disappointed you couldn’t really feel it. I was ok with it,